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“Morgan, oh baby.” She was pressed against the wall with her legs wrapped
around him again when she felt his cock hard against her. She had a few seconds
of terror, but he touched her breast tenderly and ran his tongue along the curve
of her ear and she felt But they couldn’t, shouldn’t, do this. She
was sure there was a good reason, and as soon as he stopped touching her, she’d
remember what it was.
“I...I don’t know...this...this shouldn’t be happening. Nickolas, you don’t
want to do this, I’m...please...yes, no! Nick, stop now...oh yes, please.” She
couldn’t seem to make up her mind. Well, that wasn’t quite true. Her mind and
body knew exactly what they wanted. It was her mouth that kept trying to regain
“I want you. I want you now, Morgan.” She felt the cool, air conditioned air
hum across her bared breast seconds before he laved it with his tongue. Her
nipple tightened and puckered hard against the roof of his mouth, the
combination of his hot, wet tongue and the vent making her ache with need. Her
body’s reaction to that was to arch into him.
Long ago, she thought she’d never want a man to ever touch her again.
Never want to feel one touch her in anyway whatsoever, for his body to come
over her, into her. Now, right now, she knew that she wanted Nickolas with a
desperation that she’d never felt before, nor would ever again.
Reaching between them, she cupped him, his cock against her hand. When
he pressed harder against her and suckled on her nipple, she felt the stirrings of
her first climax. Tightening her legs, using the wall as a brace, she moved up
around him. Their mutual groans of approval ran down along their skin and
throughout their bodies.
“Nick! Nick, open the door! We need to get in there.” She stiffened, as did he.
Morgan wanted to snarl at the man on the other side of the door, but froze in
horror. What were they doing?
“Just a...give me, us, a minute,” he yelled at the unseen man. He laid his head
against her breast and she whimpered when his breath moved across the now
sensitive nipple. He was shaking and it took her a few seconds to realize he was
“This is not funny, you jackass. Let me down. I can’t believe...where are we?
You know, I don’t care. I want out of here, and don’t you dare touch...” His
mouth was on hers again and she moaned again as his tongue swept against
hers. Damn it, what was wrong with her? She was acting like a cat in heat.
When he pulled his mouth away, he moved to her ear again. “I want you.
And if Devin hadn’t have interrupted us, I’d be deep inside you right now and
we both know it. I didn’t intend for this to happen...well, yeah I did, but not in
the pantry of my parents’ home.” She watched as he gently pulled her blouse
back down. “Morgan, we’re going to have to walk out of here and they are going
to all be there, if I know them. Our best bet to get through this is to ignore them,
all right?” Nick moved her gently away from him and started to pull her top
back down, but brushed his knuckles across her nipple first. She arched into his
touch. “Ah, baby, this isn’t easy for me.” Quickly, he stepped back to re-snap his
jeans. She hadn’t even realized they’d gone that far.
When they entered the kitchen, with her once again in his arms, the room
was empty. Moving along the hall, they went back into the room where the large
TV was, and he sat her down on the couch. With a quick kiss and a “be right
back,” she was alone in the big room.
Morgan laid her head down on her hands. She had nearly had sex with him,
her boss, in the pantry of his family home. Were there even names for this kind
of conduct? Oh yeah, it was called stupidity.
Morgan jerked her head up when someone touched her arm. Meggie was
standing there beside her with doll and thumb. Morgan smiled at her, and pulled
her up into her lap to give and receive a hug.
“Hello, angel, how are you today?” The two of them conversed for several
minutes before Nick came back into the room with a plate and a glass. He set the
plate on the little side table next to the couch and handed her the glass of tea.
“Hey there, baby. How are my favorite girls doing?” He kissed his niece on
the head and sat down next to Morgan.
Morgan explained how Meggie wanted her to braid her hair back and asked
him if Spencer would mind.
“No, he’d probably be grateful for the help. He’s told me on several
occasions that he’d rather have his toenails pulled out than try and fix up her
hair.” Meggie’s long hair was thick and curly just like Morgan’s, with the
exception of the color.
Morgan didn’t have a lot of experience with kids, actually none at all if you
didn’t count the kids in the home with her. She turned the little girl around and
began combing the long tresses with the pink comb Meggie had brought to
Morgan. It took her about thirty minutes to get it in a reasonable order, and then
she began pulling the four strains together into a thick plat. When she reached
the end, she wrapped a band around the bottom and tied the bright, lemoncolored
ribbon around it. The second ribbon of the same color, she tied around
her thumb.
“This will be much prettier than it sticking out of your mouth, don’t you
think? I like it.” She kissed the tip of Meggie’s thumb and let her slip off her lap.
Morgan realized how tired she was and how badly her foot was thumping
about ten minutes later when Jacob and James came back in to resume their
game. She didn’t play much this time; her concentration was crap. She had made
the mistake, or not, of running her tongue across her lips and tasted him. Heat
built inside of her again. She could almost feel his body pressed against hers.
What the hell was wrong with her?

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