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Jade The Rare Gem Book Three Now Available 5/2/14

Jade can’t seem to catch a break. Her last boyfriend was a looser who took her bank account for a joy ride leaving her with a heap of debt. Now, the flower shop where she works has been sold and more likely than not she’s going to have to find another job. Her life is in turmoil and having to go home and see her sisters happy with their new mates is almost more than she can stomach.
Jade isn’t impressed with the handsome new owner, Quentin Witt. The man is too blind to see that that girlfriend of his isn’t nice to his little girl, and the little girl is terrified of the woman and her uncle. It is time to go, to move on and start over.
Quentin can’t let that happen. There is something about Jade that sets his blood on fire―they’re mates. He knows about her kind and that she’s a wolf. He has to stop her from leaving, but Jade has no time for boyfriends or mates. The last one took more than she had to give.
Quentin’s brother is a wolf and his so-called girlfriend, Debra, is his brother’s mate. Those two are teamed together to swindle Quentin out of a good deal of money. But when their plans backfire, Debra resorts to more desperate measures.
Now, they’re all in danger. Jade’s past has returned to destroy them all, and he has targeted Quentin’s little girl, Angie, to be the first to die….

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“You’re not going with me.” His dad didn’t say anything. “I mean it. I want this woman to work for me, not sue me because you can’t keep your mouth shut.”
His dad laughed. “What a way to talk about your poor old dad. You know that I’m only teasing the women who work for you. Hell, I think most of them enjoy it. You should try it sometime. A little romance with a woman might get you laid more than once a year.”
“Dad, please.” He stepped into the wide opening the elevator made for him. “Can you not just let me do this? I know what I’m doing. I’ve been running this business for a long time.”
“And a good job you’re doing, too, but you need to stop working so dammed much and have some fun. You remember what that means, don’t you? Going out with friends and buddies, getting naked with a woman?” Blair didn’t comment, and that only seemed to encourage his dad more. “You do know that if you don’t use it, it’ll fall off. Then where will your mate be?”
“A mate is the last thing I need, thanks. And when I do need one, I’ll make sure she doesn’t care that I don’t have time for sex.” His dad snorted again. “You should also know that I’ve a good mind to get myself fixed. I really don’t care for kids either.”
That shut him up. His dad was still standing there in the yawning elevator when the doors shut. Blair was still laughing as he left the building. He’d have to remember that threat when he wanted to get the better of his dad. He’d never do that, but it was a nice threat all the same.

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She took a step toward him, and he stood up. He felt his wound tear open, but he wasn’t going to back down from her. She looked…delicious was what came to mind, and he wanted to taste her fiery lips as much as he needed his next breath. When she stood there glaring at him for what seemed a lifetime, he took a step toward her, only to have her take one step back.
“I don’t like you.”
He grinned, thinking if that’s all she had he was going to have a great deal of fun with her.
“Most people don’t. Actually, I think that other than your sister and her husband, no one does. Not even my own family.”
“I can see why. You’re bossy and stupid with this self-proclaimed power that you think everyone should just jump when you say so.” He wanted to test her theory about him and have her kiss him but was actually afraid she’d hurt him. “I’m not one of your minions.”
“No, you’re not. One of my minions, as you called them, would never have spoken to me the way you have and gotten away with it. I’ll have to think of a proper punishment for you. Maybe I could think of something while I’m recuperating at your home.”
Diamond jerked her gaze to Blair so quickly that he wanted to laugh. The man looked like he he’d been pinned to the wall. And Thad had a feeling that whatever he had planned for the little nurse wasn’t going to be anything compared to what she had in store for the big man she was staring down.
The door opening behind her had Thad want to shove her behind him to protect her. He had no idea where that thought had come from either, and was worried he might have hit his head harder than they all thought. He was just about to ask the doctor that when she turned on Diamond. He was glad now that he was there to see this, because there was no way he would have believed it if anyone would have told him.

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“I’ll take you and Kaleb in if you promise not to scratch me up.”
“Can’t make any promises. Besides,” Kaleb started. “A man like you should know better than to wear a fancy suit to a hunting party.  You might mess up that silk shirt of yours.”
Samuel wanted them to simply shut up but he knew that tension was running high and let Stephan take him first.  Shifting quickly then dressing he was running toward the smell of blood when Jimmy told him he’d found the building.
None of them would look at him when he got there.  Samuel knew then that they were too late.  When Jimmy walked toward him he started shaking his head.  He didn’t want to hear that she was dead.
“She’s in there but…you should be prepared for what you see. I’ve only gotten a small glimpse of her because of the guards they have just inside the building but if she makes it back with us it’ll be a miracle.  She’s…Christ Samuel, they did things to her that I don’t think I’ve ever seen done to anyone, much less a human.”  Jimmy looked back at the building before continuing.  “She’s hung from chains and it will take some work to get her down. Then we’ll need for her to be taken to the hospital to—”
“The clinic.”  Jimmy looked over his shoulder then back at him before he nodded.  He knew who was behind him, knew since he’d gotten here that Stephan had been assigned to hold him back in the event that something went wrong.  “I’ll let them know she’s coming and that at all costs they’re to save her.”
“I can’t change her.”  Samuel turned to look at Stephan when he spoke.   “I don’t know what she is but she’s not wholly human, not if she can talk to you like she has.  I’ll give her blood to help her along but I can’t…I don’t know what kind of person she is.”
Samuel understood.  When a vampire or any other sup changed a person to one of them they were responsible for them.  Forever.  And if they fucked up, became a rogue or killed anyone even if an accident, you were responsible for it as much as they were.  Nodding once Samuel braced himself to enter the room.  Kaleb was given the signal and he tore the door from the wall.

Release Date May 30th 2014 
Samuel Pride Book Three in Series 

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