Monday, January 14, 2013


Have you picked up your free copies yet??? Today and tomorrow these are going to be free!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Series Titles as well as Release Dates

Title Series Released
Blood, Body and Mind Aaron's Kiss 12/01/11
Divine Savior Aaron's Kiss 08/01/11
Natural Magick Aaron's Kiss 11/01/11
Burden of Reckoning Aaron's Kiss 01/01/12
Enduring Retributioin Aaron's Kiss 02/14/12
Fated Absolution Aaron's Kiss 04/05/12
Reluctant Alpha Aaron's Kiss 05/07/12
The Faerie Master Aaron's Kiss 06/20/12
My Warrior Fae Aaron's Kiss 08/15/12
Night Hungers Aaron's Kiss 11/01/12
A Forbidden Taking Aaron's Kiss 01/01/13
Mac Aaron's Kiss  
Nickolas The Grant Brothers 06/15/11
Devin The Grant Brothers 07/15/11
Spencer The Grant Brothers 09/01/11
Byron The Grant Brothers 10/01/11
Jamie The Grant Brothers 12/20/11
Damon The Grant Brothers 02/01/12
Cain The Waite Family 04/15/12
Quinn The Waite Family 06/10/12
Sin The Waite Family 07/15/12
Lilliane The Waite Family 09/10/12
Jasmine The Waite Family 01/01/13
Grace Anne The Waite Family  
Force of Nature Force Of Nature 03/20/12
Force of The Dark Wolf Force Of Nature 07/15/12
Force of  Knight Magic Force Of Nature 10/01/12
Untamed Force Force Of Nature  
Unstoppable Force Force Of Nature  
Force Force Of Nature  
Royce The Hunters 12/01/12
Curtis The Hunters  
Jesse The Hunters  
Daniel The Hunters  
Willow The James Children 03/15/12
Alexander The James Children 05/01/12
The Orchard The Kingdom of Enneahedral 8/15/2012
The Pasture The Kingdom of Enneahedral 12/15/2012
The South Village The Kingdom of Enneahedral  
The Castle The Kingdom of Enneahedral  
The Garden The Kingdom of Enneahedral  
The North Village The Kingdom of Enneahedral  
The Maze The Kingdom of Enneahedral  
The Wood The Kingdom of Enneahedral  
The Mountain the Kingdom of Enneahedral