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The house was in a tizzy. Meggie was gone. The nursemaid had come
tearing out of the little girl’s room about an hour ago screaming that she’d been
kidnapped, stolen by aliens, and had run away all in one breath. It had taken
Spencer ten minutes to calm her down.
“What happened to her, do you think? I’ve searched everywhere I can think
of. Christ!” Spencer was pacing and, frankly, driving the household crazy.
“She ever run away before? I mean, with you?” She’d taken off a couple
times from her mother over the past few weeks, and everyone was concerned
about the reason for that. Nick thought it was because her mother was a bitch,
but he kept that opinion to himself.
“No, especially not here. She loves coming here with Mom and Dan. I’m
going to take a walk around the grounds again, maybe look in the...”
Nick turned to see what had stopped him. Coming down the stairs was
Meggie and Morgan. Meggie was clutching her dolly while she waited for
Morgan to move slowly down the steps. The progress was made slower because
she would stop to move the crutches out of the way and “talk” with her at every
Spencer ran to his daughter and scooped her up in his arms. He was raining
kisses all over her face and holding her to him as he turned to Morgan.
“How did you find her?” Even from across the room, Nick could see the look
of confusion on her face. Evidently, so did Spence. “She’s been missing, and I
thought she’d . never mind. Where did you find her?” Spencer asked Morgan.
“I didn’t, she found me. She came into the bedroom around two I guess. She
was just there when I opened my eyes. She’s been very helpful to me already,
haven’t you?” Nick watched her answer his brother in both voice and sign
language so that Meggie could keep up. “I’m all packed, so I’d really like to go
back to the Grant building now.”
“Hello, Morgan, welcome to my home. You’re staying for Thanksgiving
dinner, honey. Didn’t these idiots tell you?” Ms. Parker came out of the kitchen
just as Morgan got to the bottom of the stairs.
“No, they didn’t. But I’m not staying. I...if I could use your phone, I’ll call
someone to come and get me. I didn’t realize it was Thanksgiving.” She turned to
glare at Nick then she moved to follow his mom in the kitchen. He followed as
“You are not going back home. It’s home, not the Grant building, not Byron’s
apartment, home. Why do you have such a problem with that? Home, four
letters. Shouldn’t be too hard to remember for someone with your obvious
“Well, I can think of another four letters that go very nicely with ‘off’ that I’m
betting you’re very familiar with too. Would you like to know what they are?
Ms. Parker, I really need to use the phone, please.” When she turned her back on
him, he saw red. Damn it, he’d had about enough of her.
“You are not going home. You are going to stay and have an enjoyable
dinner with us. Then on Sunday night, if I don’t murder you between now and
then, I’ll take you back to your apartment. Sit down before you fall.” She was
swaying slightly. Didn’t the stupid woman know when to take it easy?
Morgan sat down and, before he could feel any sort of satisfaction for it, she
swung at him with her crutch, knocking both is feet out from under him. He
landed hard on his ass and hands.
“Fuck! That hurt. What the hell do...?”
“Listen to me, you arrogant jackass. I do not take orders from you. I am
going back to the fucking Grant building and staying in the fucking apartment
that you ordered me into. Then, on Monday morning, if I haven’t killed you
before then, I will collect my last check and quit. I hate you!” And before he could
say a single word, she burst into tears.

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