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The story I want to tell you really happened.  How do I know? Well, I was there.  The dragon king, Envir gave me permission to come back from his world and told me to tell the story so that others, people like the ones in the story will know there is hope.  

I will tell you my name is K. S. Carol.  I’m not…not really.  But for the purpose of this book that’s who I’ll be.  I’m a teller of tales and the scribe of my world. Not this one, but one that defies all that you have known.

Aurora was having a bad day.  Actually she was having a bad life.  Her mother had just died and she inherited a tapestry, a knife and a box.  But she didn't want them.  She wanted her well ordered life to go on well ordered.  But the Lady Elizabeth and Envir decided that things would be better if she came to them. So when she was trying to decide what to do with these new gifts she fell into the beautiful tapestry.  

Her life as she’d known it was gone.  The world in which she found herself in was rich in magic, creatures she’d never heard of and a few she thought only to be myth.  Aurora was their only hope and she thought that with her…

Well, it would be very unfair of me to tell you the whole of her story before I've begun the tale now wouldn't it?

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Knight of Force is going to be released on October 1st.  Aren't you as excited as I am!!!

Just one month and book ten comes out of the Aaron's Kiss Series. I'm so excited. And on October 1st...The third book in the Force of Nature series comes out too. Yummy!

Exciting news too: On October 30th, Marsha Casper Cook and I will be chatting it up about out writing skills. I'm so glad. Just Marsha and I all day. More details to come!!!

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Lilliane will be released on Wednesday 9/12/12. And we're going to have some major giveaways to go with the release of this book and my young adult book, The Kingdom of Enneahedral. Stay tuned!!! More information to come.

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Taylor Bennett was sitting on the bench in the Quad when Jamie Grant came up and sat down beside her. She didn’t need to look to see that it was him; she just knew. He had a way about him that she loved and recognized that she didn’t have with others, years of friendship.
“Well, are you going to tell me what you’ve decided or are you going to make me stew some more? You know that I’ll keep asking you, daily if need be.” Jamie had asked her this same question three times over the past four days. She knew she couldn’t put it off any longer.
“I’m never having sex with you,” she told him as she leaned forward to pick up her backpack. Everything she had with the exception of clothes was in this thing.
“God, no!” Glancing at him sharply, she thought she could and should be offended, but she knew what he meant.
They had met six years ago at a frat party. Taylor had been there with another girl and they were being harassed by one of the oversized frat boys. When Jamie had come to her rescue, she ended up needing to save his butt from being beaten to a pulp. After the party, she had taken him to his house to clean up his bloody nose and they had started to make out. After the second kiss, both decided it was just too creepy and had become friends instead. Besides, he had the most charming smile.
“It’s only temporary. I have to get back on my feet. I can’t depend on you to save me all the time. Deal?” She wanted to cry, but that would solve nothing.
“Yeah. On your feet then I kick your butt out. Deal. And the dinner thing this weekend, you’ll still be my date? I’ll still pay for half the dress, even though I don’t mind paying for the whole thing.” She had hoped he would forget that as part of the bargain, but nodded at him.
“Yeah, I’ll go. But we had a deal. Half and not a cent more. If I didn’t need the money, I’d say I’d do it, but...”
“Yeah, your boss sucks and you work for a cheap son-of-a-bitch. I’ll see you at the house later.”
He kissed her quickly and took off running across the Quad to his office. Taylor picked up her purse and slung her pack over her shoulder and went to the office just off Broad, the crappy office she worked in. Tears pulled at her eyes, but she refused to let them fall.
Two weeks ago, she had a crappy apartment that she shared with two other girls. Her name had been on the lease the first year and then the landlord had never said anything about a renewal so the girls continued to live there. Taylor paid her rent to him directly every month and paid her portion of the bills—cable/Internet and the water bill. She never ate there so didn’t contribute to the food, preferring to put her water in her room and drink it warm.
Then one afternoon, she came home from work and Mr. Sharp met her at the door. She smiled at him and he grimaced back. He handed her the mail and asked her to come into his office.
“I’m evicting the three of you the day after tomorrow. I’m sorry, Taylor, but I can’t keep hoping they’ll pay their rent. They’re nearly six months behind and the electric company called today and told me that it’s not been paid either.”
“Six months! How...I mean, they said everything was fine. I asked and asked.” Cherry’s parents were supposed to pay the rent while she was in school, Debra had a job as a bartender, and she took care of her third. Six months meant that they owed three thousand in rent—back rent, Taylor corrected.
“I can pay it. It’ll wipe me out, but I’ll pay it.” It wouldn’t only wipe her out, but it would take her food money too. But she needed a place to live.
“I’m sorry, honey. I knew that you’d say that and I can’t let you do that. They’ll never pay you back and they will only do it again if they know that you’ll bail them out. The reason I’m telling you now is so that you can get your things out now. When the police come, they will lock everything up until I get my money from those two. You aren’t named so you won’t have to pay. I have my sons here and they’ll help you carry your things out tonight. In two days, the cops are going to put a lock on the door and then sell off their stuff to try and get my money.”
She left him after making arrangements to have Peter and Daniel Sharp come up after the girls left for the night and went to her apartment to start packing up. Two hours later, Taylor had put all her belongings in one large trash bag and was sitting on the bed when the Sharps knocked.
Her clothes were all she really had and not a lot of those. Her computer was the only thing of real value that she had and she took it with her everywhere. In a fit of what she could only think of as pure stupidity, she called her best friend and sobbed the entire thing to him. He came to get her at the Scarlet and Gray, a bar on campus, and took her home with him. After a night of ice cream, pizza, and too much beer, he had asked her to move in with him. She refused and had been living in her car until five days ago.
It was raining harder than she had ever seen it since moving to Ohio. The lightning was streaking across the sky like someone had pissed off an electrician and he was waving a live wire over her car. But it was the man that broke her window to get to her that terrified her more. He had pulled her out of the car window through all the broken glass by her hair and tried to rape her. Had the campus police not come by when they did, she was sure he also meant to kill her. As it was, she had twelve stitches in her arm and a bruised face. Jamie had had a fit when he saw her when he had picked her up at the hospital and took her home with him. Again. She had been there since.
Taylor sat at her little desk that morning and set up her things to work. The stupid owners wouldn’t replace her computer when the one they provided her broke three months ago, so she had been using hers since. She hated her job with a passion, but needed the income more than she needed to quit. Especially now that she had to save her money to get another place of her own.
She was an accountant/secretary/receptionist/idiot—high on the idiot part for—Freedom Fighters. The law firm she worked for was an ambulance chasing sort. The pay was crappy, there were no benefits, and she didn’t trust that each week her check
wouldn’t bounce. It had five times now in the five years she had worked for them and she had gotten into the habit of cashing it now before depositing the money into her account. Jason Freedom, one of the two Freedoms she worked for, got pissy with her every week when he realized what she was doing. She just continued doing it. She couldn’t afford another seven hundred dollars in bounced check fees again.
She had already decided not to have roommates this time. She thought it might be nice to have her own place with her own things surrounding her. But then snorted to herself and thought what things did she think she was going to put around? Her hairbrush or maybe the collection of under things she secretly bought.
And that was another thing. If she didn’t spend eighty-five dollars on a bra and panty set, she might be able to afford her own place sooner. But when she shifted in her hard seat and felt the decadent silk rub against her body, she thought it was well worth the wait.
At five-thirty, she gathered up her things, shut down her computer, and left the office. She had seen neither lawyer today, which suited her just fine, and headed to her new home. Jamie wouldn’t be in for another hour, so she decided to fix dinner for them. Trying to decide which pizza place to order from, her only ability in the cooking department, she was startled when the phone rang as she reached for it.
“Hello, Grant residence.” She didn’t say Grant/Bennett residence; she was only there temporarily. Besides, she hadn’t discussed that part of the arrangement with Jamie yet.
“I need to talk to Jamie; put him on the phone.” The voice barked at her. She looked at the caller ID and realized it was one of his brothers—Byron, the artist.
She had never met the Grants, any of them. In the years she had known Jamie, it had never come up. They were not dating, and they had no other ties other than being friends, so as far as she knew, they had no idea she even existed. She knew who they were because Jamie talked about them all the time, but that was it.
“Sorry, he’s not home from work yet. Can I take a message? I’ll make sure he gets it as soon as he gets in.” Taylor picked up a pen and was ready. He didn’t say anything for several seconds and she looked to see if he had hung up. Nope, still there.
“If Jamie isn’t home, then what, pray tell, are you doing there? Robbing the place? I’ll have you know that one of his brothers is a lawyer and he’ll sue your ass for everything you have if you even try that trick.” She knew that she had a temper. She had learned to control it, but it had been a really shitty day—no, week—and she snapped.
“Yes, I’m robbing the place, asshole. It’s a new thing in would-be robbers; we answer the phone of our victims and offer to take messages before we ransack the house for valuables. It’s a new service we offer and since I have you on the phone, maybe you can give me your opinion of how you think we might improve our service. We are always looking for pricks such as yourself to give us feedback.” She took a deep breath before she continued. “Jamie isn’t here. You want to talk to him, then fucking call back.” The phone slamming into the receiver made her feel somewhat better, especially since
she could hear him talking as she had done it. Leaving Jamie a note, she put her coat on and went out into the evening cold.
It was snowing again, she realized with a start. Ohio had the stupidest weather. One day it could be fifty degrees, and the next one, five below. The ground wasn’t all that cold yet, but she was sure it would be for this weekend and snow would be perfect for the charity ball she had agreed to go to with Jamie on Friday.
Realizing she still needed a dress, she headed for the second hand shop on campus. He had told her it was very fancy so she had some idea what she needed, but didn’t have a great deal to spend. Jamie had offered to pay half for her dress, and if it came to that, she would take him up on the offer.
She found two that she really liked and tried on the first one. After that, there was no reason to try on the other. It fit perfectly and it was in her price range. She stood before the three sided mirror and looked at her reflection.
The dress was a dark blue sheath that hugged her slim body tightly until it reached her knees, then flared out to twice the width. The top, or what there was of it, started at the top of her breasts and molded against her. The built in bustier, which lifted her breasts, held the dress up firmly and showed off her ample cleavage very nicely. Turning slightly, she noticed that the back dipped dangerously low and showed the dimples of her ass when she moved. Frowning, she wondered if someone as tall as Jamie could see down the dress and get a view of her rump. Still trying to get a good look, the owner of the little shop came up to stand behind her.
“The dress was made for you, honey. Damn, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone fill it out quite the way you have.”
“Yeah, I have big boobs. Do you think my date will be able to get a nice peak of my ass crack when we dance? I mean, it looks really pretty and all, but I’m not into this guy that way and I’d just as soon keep my more prominent parts to myself.”
The proprietor, Alice, threw back her head and laughed. Then she walked up to stand in front of Taylor, stood up on her tippy toe, and bent slightly to look. Catching Taylor’s gaze in the mirror, she winked.
“First of all, nope, no butt crack. Secondly, no one is going to notice your butt when they have a much nicer view from your front. Any man that dances with you is going to be hard pressed, if he isn’t already pressed hard, to see anything but the way the dress matches your eyes perfectly. Or that the light bouncing off your hair arches like dark moon beams. You look very beautiful, my dear. Where are you going, if you don’t mind my asking?”
“The annual charity thing his mother puts on at the Polaris Center. I guess it’s really fun. Have you ever been there?” When she didn’t answer, Taylor turned to look at her.
“You know the Grants? No, I’ve never...you came to my shop to get a dress for the biggest event of the season? I’m so...wow! No, I’ve never had that sort of money to go. I heard it’s like a thousand bucks a plate to go and the auction generates nearly a million dollars for whatever charity the mistress deems worthy. I think its child abuse again this year. Last year they raised nearly seven hundred fifty thousand to build a home for children to be safe. And you’re going. You’re very lucky.”
Taylor didn’t think she was. So she just smiled at the woman and went to the changing room to take the dress off.
In the few years she had been friends with Jamie, she had managed to avoid his family completely. She knew all about them. Jamie was very close to them and he talked about them all the time. And he had on more than one occasion invited her to their outings and just for dinner, but she had never gone. And now, she thought, I’m trapped. Without a place to live and not a lot of money, she had agreed to go because he had asked her to after he had generously offered her a place to stay. Hanging up the dress, she stepped into the shop again.
“I’ll take it. And do you have a wrap that will go with it? It’s getting cold and I don’t think my coat will look very good with this.”
Even with the purchase of the dress and wrap and then a bus ride to the mall for shoes, she was still under budget. Smiling and pretty proud of herself, Taylor decided to stop by the new club in the area that she had heard of.
Taylor opened the door to Jamie’s house several hours later than she had wanted. She knew that she would never go back to that club. She hurt everywhere. Without stopping to look around, she went to her bedroom to take a much needed bath before bed.

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Force of the Dark Wolf is out now. Gordon and Alexis have a great story to tell.

Gordon Force only had two weeks to go on his job. He was going to be working with his brother Dallas in keeping their alpha safe. But he had a favor to fulfill, a shop to visit and only a question or two to ask. He never expected four kids, two goofy aunts and his mate to walk into his life.
Alexis Dark was hiding. Her brother-in-law was a real piece of work and she knew he’d killed his wife, her sister. But no one wanted to believe that he had done it. The marks on the body were too consistent with that of an animal not a human they’d told her. Well she knew better.
When Gordon went to her house to speak to her again she met him at her door smelling like soap, shampoo and oh so lovely sex.
She closed her eyes to the almost purr of his voice. It was hypnotic and the most soothing thing she’d ever heard in her life. When she found herself pressed against him she looked up into his eyes suddenly very afraid and very needy.
“Don’t,” she said as he lowered his head to hers. “Please, don’t.”
“Too late.” He brushed his mouth over hers once then pulled back to look at her again. “Christ, it’s you.” This time when he took her mouth, it was to devour her.

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Remember that contest for The Reckoning release? You have seven days left to enter! Look at these prizes! A magic mojo bag from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (how else you gonna carry your mojo?) + samplers of their perfume. Swag. Book. NOOK tablet. Gift card!
You can enter by joining the mailing list (email me at contest@almakatsu.com) or Tweet, post on FB, share on social media about the Reckoning & send me the link. So easy! Just 'share' this post & you've entered.

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A List of Freebies this weekend from World Castle Publishing and Amazon.com

Kathi Barton
Enduring Retribution
June 16th
Kathi Barton
June 16th
Gail Gurley
Fearless Heart
June 16th & 17th
Linell Jeppsen
Story Time
June 16th & 17th
Alexandrea Weis
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June 16th
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June 16th & 17th
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A Method to Madness
June 16th & 17th
George Earl Parker
The Subatomic Kid
June 16th & 17th
Lindsay Anne Kendal
June 15th
Nicole Izmaylov
Dart and the Squirrels
June 15th
Denise Main
June 15th
Denise Main
A Cold Day in Hell
June 15th
Amy Johnson
Meg’s Moment
June 15th
Eric Johnston & Andrew Utley
Harvester Ascension
June 16th & 17th
Jasmine Denton
Soul of the Sea
June 16th & 17th
Claude Dancourt
Second Chances
June 16th & 17th
Malcom Hagon
June 15th

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Spencer is free this Saturday for the very last time!! Please get your copy and have a good read for the summer. Also free Saturday is Enduring Retribution, book 5 in the Aaron's Kiss Series. Enjoy!!!

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Excerpt from Quinn: ~Chapter 1~

Drew listened to her. Well sort of. He was hearing her speak but he wasn’t technically listening to her. Quinn Waite was the bossiest woman he’d ever met.  Next to his boss that is who just happened to be her sister in law, Alyssa Waite.  He’d leave her standing here but he was serving food in the dinner line and couldn’t escape just yet. But when he could, he was out of there.
“You have to make sure that she is safe, Mr. Miller.  Here you go, Sally, have some extra potatoes.  That woman said she’d get her back and we haven’t…there’s cream at the other end, Mr. Bane.  Are you listening to me?”
“Yes. You want me to protect Alyssa who is probably more capable of protecting herself than I am, Sally has extra potatoes even though she didn’t want them and Mr. Bane now has a pocket full of creamers.  Did I miss anything in your tirade?”
She glared and he laughed. It was either that or strangle her.  Quinn was a woman who got things done, he’d give her that. But she wanted it done yesterday and damn the person who didn’t pull their weight.  Drew did, pull his weight but he did things in his own way on his own schedule.  Not that he was lazy or a procrastinator, but he didn’t feel that driving someone nuts to the point of wanting them to murder you was the way to go.
“I don’t like you, Mr. Miller. Not one bit.”
He grinned at her.
 “Well that’s good, Miss Waite, I’d hate for all this hostility to be for nothing.  Or even one sided.  Look, Alyssa is safe. She has a driver everywhere she goes and when she is at home, your brother barely lets her out of his sight.  At the office you’d have to blow the entire building to get to her and—“
“Oh Christ! You don’t think someone will try that do you. You have to put on extra people tonight. Better yet, I’ll do it. And I’ll hire some dogs. They can mill about the lobby sniffing everything that comes in.” When she pulled out her little note book, he snapped.
Taking it from her he tore it in several pieces before he laid it on the counter and picked up the spoon for the mashed potatoes.  Without breaking eye contact with her he dumped the potatoes on the pieces of paper and threw the spoon in the sink.
“I’m going home.  You, Miss Waite are certifiable.  Mr. Bane, put the creamers back and go eat your dinner.”

Contests ~ Mine and a Few Others.
Free Stuff
I will give away a signed copy of The Faerie Master when it comes out.
All you need to do is like my page or become my friend on Facebook or Google plus. 

After you join/like me, send me an email and I’ll put your name in a hat.  The ‘contest’ will end on June 30, 2012 and the drawing will be on July 1, 2012. 

Good Luck everyone!

Book Releases
Some mine, some not.
I have my books in a lot of places.  ARE or All Romance eBooks carries all of them as well as my publisher’s website.  I’m also available on Amazon.com, Smashwords and the local library. 
It’s really cool to see my printed books there.  The local branch has three at last count.  I’ve had a few people ask me about them and I blush but it’s also pretty amazing to see my name there on the shelves.
I’ll give you the places as I get them from Karen.  I know there are a few other places that you can get my books but right now, I’ve no idea.
Aaron MacManus, the new master vampire of the realm just wanted to go out and meet some of his subjects and to figure out what needed to be done to set things right.

April and Demetrius Carlovetti own an air service
and are the most trusted and well liked vampires in Aaron’s realm. What he didn’t expect when he visited them was betrayal. His own
bodyguards try to murder him and blame it on the Carlovetti’s.

Sara Temple was not a vampire. She pilots planes for the Carlovetti Airways. She had secretes of her own and working for this small air service is keeping her out of sight. The last thing she wanted to do was save a vampire, even an extremely good looking one.

Sara was only trying to survive but with Aaron she becomes embroiled in politics, the magic of several realms involving a queen in peril, magical beings, passion and love. 
Aaron’s Kiss Series ~ The Faerie Master
 Book 8
Shawn MacFarland is heading to Aaron MacManus home when he makes a stop at a bar in Columbus to feed. He wants to leave his master because he is a pretty bad guy. He wakes up to find blood on his clothes and a switchblade stuck in his ribs and can’t remember how it got there and what has happened. Everything is a blur because now his memory is gone as well. What was he doing there? He knows it wasn’t a robbery because he has all his credit cards and his id so he at least knows who he is. Shawn has gotten up and started walking till he comes to a deep cave and decides he needs to rest so he can find food and heal.
Cade is a cook by trade. She works in a restaurant during the day and a bar maid during the night. She’s got to pay her bills and make money so she can find a place to stay that has running water and heat before the winter. Her home has been a cave. She’s shopping when she runs into Duncan and they start a conversation. He mentions to her that Ms. Penny, the cook they have at the MacManus home is going on vacation for two weeks and they need someone to cover. Cade offers because she could use the extra money.
 She’s never been around a vampire that can be up during the day, wolfs, nymphs, and faeries. She’s fine with that as long as she isn’t dinner for anyone. She’s exhausted after the past few days so she heads to her temporary home, the cave. She hears a noise after lying down, and before she knows it, there’s a hand covering her mouth. This man wants to feed from her and terror fills her body. Once he feeds, he forgets to seal the wound and it is history in the making for them. She’s weak and isn’t positive of all the details anymore but when she gets to the MacManus home she collapses.
Can Shawn save Cady from her brother and Gabriel? Will Cady learn to accept Shawn and be able to keep him and the MacManus family safe from harm?

Newsletter in parts.

Welcome to My Monthly Tirade
There are a lot of people who say this.  Me?  I’d like the lots of money part but never having to work again?  I’m not so sure I’d like that.  I need the interaction with people to give “character” to my stories.
Do you write about real people?
Yes, but I change the names to protect the guilty.  Most of the characters in my books are a combo of everyone I meet.  There are a few, especially the bad guys and girls that are people that I’ve encountered over the years who for lack of a better way of getting back at them without ending up on the FBI list I kill off.  Most of them die horrible deaths or get what they have coming to them in the end.
But there are a few, Duncan for example that I keep bringing back book after book that holds a place in my heart.  He is the combination of all my grandchildren and a few adults that I love.  Anyone who’s read Aaron’s Kiss will find him in the kitchen waiting for the next person to join the kiss.
So I need to work at a job that puts me in contact with the people we all love to hate or love. 
Could I make them up?  I suppose but it’s so much more fun to have them to be real.  The person who might have cut me off in traffic, the nurse that seemed to be drilling for oil when she takes my blood or even the boss that makes me want to murder him in his sleep but can’t.  All these are rich with witty lines and sardonic wits.
So would I like to be rich enough to not work outside the home?   Sure, would I?  Hummmm, ask me in a year or two and I might have a different answer.
What I’m Working on Now
I write more than one book at a time.  I actually thought that everyone did that and was surprised to find out they don’t.  I have five going right now…maybe six.
The sequel to Force of Nature finds Gordon getting in over his head with a mate.  Alexis has a few secrets of her own and two aunts that keep poor Phil on the straight and narrow.  (Or so they try.)
Gordon has just retired from the police force to become a part of the growing pack. He’ll answer to two of his brothers, the Alpha Austin and Dallas the enforcer.  He’s excited to start this new adventure.  That is until he meets Alexis Dark.
She owns a herbal shop that specializes in soaps and candles she makes.  It’s hard enough trying to find time to make product for the shop and her online business but having her sisters four children under foot and her two aunts, Gladys and Jessie in the mix she spends more time with them than she does cooking.
Then there is her brother-in-law Patrick “Paddy” Booth who now that he’s a werewolf wants more than she can give. 
Book 12 of the Aaron’s Kiss Series is something that I’ve only just started.  My son-in-law Ben asked about Elizabeth, Mel’s grandmother and how she was created not born.  And wondered if I’d write her story.
I had to take his word for the create part as once I finish a book, I haven’t the slightest clue what it’s about.  When my publisher wants a blurb I have to go and read the story first like a first time reader. 
Anyway, I decided that he might have something there and have been working a bit on it.  I’m not into much of the story yet but I think it will work out.
Royce and Kasey have been there for a little while now.
Royce is a friend of Alexander James.  You’ll remember him from the James Children series.  Alex is Willow’s brother and a cutie with five brothers. 
I don’t know if his brothers will end up in their own book or not yet but maybe.  They have a colorful background too and Royce, of course keeps them in line.  Well, as best he can.
I’ll share a bit of their story here when I can figure out how to do that. This is a cool program and all but the print is way tiny for my old eyes and I think I need to enlarge the type before I try.   
Another story is one that has been brewing for a little while.   I only have a few sentences of it complete but I think it will be something fun.  I can tell you that it’s about humans and that the sex is as steamy as it gets. 
Sometimes I write for the murder.
These are really short stories for system release.  There are days when you just have to let the meanness out and I do it with words.
And if the person really ticks me off, at some point I put them into a bigger story and get it published.  More fun that way and some of the people who read my books ask about them.  I always say the same thing, “I have no idea who that person is” and let it go with that.

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Winner of my books~

And the winner is...
Phil Campbell
Deanna Turso Drake
Cherry Crawford

Please email me at aaronskiss@gmail.com to give me your physical address to send them out. Oh... And if you want the book signed, please let me know.

Thanks so much to everyone who played!!! And this weekend please make sure you download Nickolas ~ The Grant Brothers Series and Natural Magick ~ The Aaron's Kiss Series!

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Under (the) Cover Work

Damon the final installment to the Grant Brothers is due out soon. And this weekend you can pick up a free copy of Nickolas the one that started it all on Amazon.com  Do a search for my name and starting Saturday through Sunday night, you can get your free copy!!!

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Kathi S. Barton - Author: Four copies of Burden of Reckoning to give away!!!...

Kathi S. Barton - Author: Four copies of Burden of Reckoning to give away!!!...: I have four copies of Burden of Reckoning to give away ~ in print. Anyone who comments on this post or goes to my Google + page at https://...

Four copies of Burden of Reckoning to give away!!!

I have four copies of Burden of Reckoning to give away ~ in print.

Anyone who comments on this post or goes to my Google + page at https://plus.google.com/u/0/ and comments on the page has a chance to win one. Your chances will double if you do both. 

This will end on Friday January 27, 2012 right before I have another great giveaway!!! 
On Saturday and Sunday Amazon will be giving away two of my other books ~ Divine Savior, the second book in the Aaron’s Kiss series and also Nickolas the first book in the Grant Brothers series to kick off the soon to be released books in both series:

Enduring Retribution the 5th book in the Aaron’s Kiss Series and the final installment of the Grant Brothers Series with Damon.

If you are on my email list, please let me know via email that you want to participate and I will put your name in the hat!

Good luck everyone!!!
Oh, if you want them signed, I'll be happy to do that as well.as a chance to win one. Your chances will double if you do both. 

This will end on Friday January 27, 2012 right before I have another great giveaway!!! 
On Saturday and Sunday Amazon will be giving away two of my other books ~ Divine Savior, the second book in the Aaron’s Kiss series and also Nickolas the first book in the Grant Brothers series to kick off the soon to be released books in both series:

Enduring Retribution the 5th book in the Aaron’s Kiss Series and the final installment of the Grant Brothers Series with Damon.

If you are on my email list, please let me know via email that you want to participate and I will put your name in the hat!

Good luck everyone!!!

Oh, if you want them signed, I'll be happy to do that as well.