Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chapter Ten is Now Available To Read 

Nick didn’t expect her to show. It mattered little that she had signed the
contract and had taken the apartment; he knew her type. He looked down at the
file his investigator had given him yesterday at home and frowned. Well, he
amended, he thought he knew her type.
The detective had managed to dig up her entire file, including pictures of her
arrest and her penal file. He couldn’t for the life of him understand why she had
been convicted in the first place. She had obviously been a victim of the first
order. She hadn’t even been able to attend her own trial as she had been so
severely injured that she had been put into a medical coma for nearly three
months to heal. He was sure if she’d have had Devin as her lawyer, she never
would have seen the inside of a cell.
Nick had told her to be here at eight o’clock and he had come in at six-thirty
wanting to get caught up as much as he could. He heard her in the outer office
talking to David at six-fifty. He went to his office door and leaned against the
jamb, listening to them.
“If that door gives you anymore issues, just call downstairs and I’ll have
facilities see to it for you. No telling how long you’d have been stranded in there
if’n I hadn’t been doing my walk then.”
“Thanks, Mr. Tulles. I was really grateful to see you. Thank you again.”
David saw him first, and she jerked around when he straightened up and looked
over her shoulder.
“Morning, Dr. Grant. Ms. Becky had herself some problems with the door on
the stairwell.” David tipped his hat at the man and left.
Nick watched her walk to the little break area that the previous secretary had
insisted on having, and listened to the cabinet open then close. He assumed she
was putting her lunch away and she’d be out soon. He waited for five more
minutes before he went to see what she was doing and nearly plowed her over
when she finally came out.
“I’m sorry. I was...good morning, Dr. Grant. I’ll just get started.” She moved
around him and toward the desk. She was carrying that huge ass bag with her,
but other than that, she looked...very nice. He also noticed that she was still
limping. Not as badly as in the hospital, but noticeably.
“Do you need more time off? Let me take you down to see Damon. He’s a
good doctor and this could be serious. I won’t have you falling over here and
claiming Workman’s Comp.” He saw her stiffen at his words.
“Thank you for your nice concern, Dr. Grant, but I’ll be just fine.”

He flushed; he’d been neither nice nor concerned-sounding. He hadn’t meant
for it to come out quite like that and felt bad. “Ms. Becky, Morgan, I didn’t...” He
didn’t know what he’d been about to say, but she cut him off.
“Mrs. Wayne will be here soon. She’s going to set me up on the computer
with email and things. She asked me to have you make a list of the things you’d
like me to have access to of yours. I believe she mentioned your appointment
calendar and scheduler.”
Nick knew he was being dismissed, but didn’t know how to get out of it.
He’d been an ass and she wasn’t going to say anything. Fine! If that’s the way she
wanted it, then he’d go back in his office.
Nick sat at his desk for a solid three hours not doing a damned thing. He did
look online and booked Morgan a day at the spa. He didn’t tell her, of course, but
he did mark it on the calendar that they would share. He felt stupid for his
earlier comments and wanted to make up for it. When there was a knock at his
door, he bellowed for whoever it was to enter. He was surprised to see his
brother Byron.
“I can see you haven’t had your morning Joe yet. Wanna go down to the
corner and get some? My treat.” He had flopped down in one of the wingback
chairs that faced his desk and put his feet up.
“No. I have to make a list of things that my new secretary might need of
mine. You know, calendars and appointments for scheduling for me. Rachel is
going to set her up with her system today.” Why he sounded so petulant, he
didn’t know.
“Rachel Wayne? She just left. Maybe Morgan didn’t need your list after all.
Come on, go down with me. I need to have an old man with me so I look better
to the new waitress they got. She has nice...yeah. Go with me.” Nick stood to
leave and go with him when his cell phone went off.
“Hello! Grant.” Christ! He needed to get a grip. First mean, then grouchy,
now he was barking.
“Hello to you too. I was wondering if Morgan came in today. I...I wanted to
make sure she was settling in all right with you.” His mom. She had been upset
since he’d told her that he’d hired her and the conditions he’d put on her,
including her not speaking to her like that again.
“I guess. Rachel came over and just set her up. Whether she stays or not is
anyone’s guess. Byron and I are going down to the corner for some coffee and
women. Want me to bring you by anything?”
“Yes, thank you. I’d like a busty blonde, hold the large hips. And bring me
one of those caramel nutty buns too.”
Nick smiled. He wondered if any other mother in the world was anything
like her, and doubted it. She was definitely one of a kind.
“I’ll see what I can do.” He was walking toward the door as he hung up.
When he opened it, Morgan wasn’t at her desk. He knew instinctively that she
hadn’t left; her pink bag was still laying there where she had put it when she
came in. They were getting on the elevator and headed down when he realized
he hadn’t asked her if she wanted anything. Oh well, he’d get her a nutty bun
He and Byron spent an enjoyable hour in the coffee shop. After his second
cup of plain coffee, he felt measurably better. He had them box up three of their
buns, two for his mother in one box, and one for Morgan in another. He then set
off to see his mom. On the drive over, he’d had his artistic brother draw her her
busty woman with tiny hips on her box.
“I don’t suppose you forgot to give Morgan your cell phone number before
we left, did you?” Byron said. Well, fuck! No wonder she’d not called him. She
couldn’t reach him.

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