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CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO is Now Available To Read 

“Aunt Morgan, I was...can you help...I know you’re not really my aunt and
all, but I was wondering if you could help me. You see, I gotta do this report on
my hero. And I gotta have it done by Christmas, but I ain’t having any luck. I can
do the stuff. You know, the writing and all, but not the research.”
Jacob had flopped down beside her not long after she’d asked Damon for
something for the pain. She was beginning to feel woozy, but not completely out
of it yet. It was probably why she agreed to such a stupid idea.
Morgan would help him out by looking up as much information as she could
find on the Internet, and print it up for him. His hero, of all people, was his Uncle
Nick, so she “should have lots of insider stuff on him,” he had said. When she
had blushed at his comment, he must have assumed she was hot because he had
started fanning her with a magazine from the table.
“All you gotta do is Google him. I’m sure there’s tons of stuff on him. He’s,
like, famous and all. I really wanna make a good grade on this. He’ll have-a come
to my school and have a lunch with me if I can win.” It was the eyes that got her.
Big and brown, he’d put just enough sadness in them to reel her in. Damned
drugs didn’t help either.
He leant her his laptop and showed her how to find the house printer; there
were apparently several to print to. He had also given her as much background
information he had, like birthday, address, and his full name to help with the
search. He was really good about it; he didn’t play anymore games, but sat and
helped her decide what he wanted to use in his report. Before long, it was dinner.
Morgan hadn’t planned on eating with them; she wasn’t a part of either
blended family, nor had she come there as a guest. When everyone got up to go
to the formal dining room, she stayed in the game room and kept looking things
up for Jacob.
“Morgan, you’re holding up dinner. You want me to help you?” Spencer
had come into the room not two minutes after they’d just left.
“Holding it up, I don’t understand. Did you need me to serve or something?
I’m not sure how much I can help out, but I should have assumed that... Yes, let
me get up. I’m truly sorry. I just took a pain pill.”
Morgan was babbling. She knew it and so did he. She was embarrassed and
hated feeling that way. As she struggled to get up quickly, she bumped her foot
and cried out with the pain.

“Morgan, its okay, honey. Come on, we want you to eat with us, not serve
us. What a silly notion. Just take a deep breath, that’s it. The pain should subside
soon, and then I’ll carry you in, all right?” He was sitting on the table in front of
the couch when Nick walked in.
“Spence, what’s going on?” Morgan looked up at him when he spoke and
blushed again. She was trying to tell Spencer that she’d rather not eat with them,
would in fact feel much better serving them instead.
“You’re girlfriend thinks I want her to come serve us. I was just explaining..”
“I’m not his girlfriend! I’m just...I work for him, nothing more.’ve got
it all wrong, I don’t, I’m’re wrong. I’m not family. I’ll just finish the
sandwich in here. Alone.”
Morgan didn’t look at either man as she set the computer aside and picked
up the little plate from earlier. When she was suddenly picked up, the plate and
food on it went flying. When she began to slip from his arms, Nick tightened his
grip and held her closer to his body. She frantically looked around and saw that
Spencer had left the room.
“Morgan, look at me.” She didn’t, but looked everywhere else she could.
This was so mortifying, and she wanted to go back to Byron’s apartment.
“Please put me down, Dr. Gra...what the hell are you doing?” She was
suddenly back down on the couch and he was on top of her. Before she could
move out from under him, he was kissing her again. Damn, this man could kiss,
she thought.
“Do you feel me against you?” He pressed himself hard into her and pulled
her hands up over her head. The terror hit her full force. She was back in the
basement with those men raping her.
“Please, don’t hurt me. Please, please, please...” she whispered desperately.
Her body, drenched in a sudden sweat, began to fight against the weight.
She was no longer in the Parker home, but the home of Randall Bennett. She
wasn’t in the game room any longer, but cuffed to the cot in the basement. She
wasn’t being held in the arms of a man who had kissed her earlier, but of the
men who would take their turn with her body. The screams ripped from her,
over and over. The voices yelling at her had no meaning. She was no longer safe,
no longer free. The pain in her arm barely registered, and then everything went

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