About Me

Hello! My name is Kathi Barton and I'm a award winning, best selling author of dark fantasy erotic paranormal romance .
I have been married to my very best friend Paul, a potter, for at times seems several lifetimes
- in a good way, honey. And together we have three wonderful children and then the ones we brought into the world
- Paul and Dale Barton, Jason and Wendy Barton and Danielle and Ben Conklin. They have given us eight of the greatest treasures on Earth.
 They don't live at home seven days a week!
 No, seriously, eight grandchildren - Gavin, Spring, Ben, Trinity, Sarah, Kelly, Kian and Bailee

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  1. Your website is horrible. When you want information on a particular series you have to go through all the books just to get to the one you want. What is with the black background? The way descriptions are written; some in blues and others in white. Total need of a new webmaster!

  2. Oh my goodness, the comment above I’d all negative. It didn’t say anything about the quality of your writing or how your books pull you into the lives of whole extended families. It doesn’t tell you that when we’ve had especially stressful days, coming home and reading one of your books lifts us up. It doesn’t tell you that you took your God given talent and used it to do good for so many people. So, I thought maybe I would. From my heart, thank you for what you give to all of us. —- Sue