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Morgan watched the two young boys play the video game on the big
television. Friggin’ huge would be a better description, she thought with a smile.
They were trying to be quiet, they really were, but they were having fun.
“I did not lure you in there. You went on your own. Do you see me having a
string around your neck? I don’t think so. You’re dead because you’re stupid.”
The bigger boy was still alive, much to the consternation of the little guy.
“I’m not stupid, and I’m telling Dad. You ain’t supposed to call people
stupid anymore. It makes you sound illi...ilit ...stupid.”
“I think you mean illiterate. And he’s correct; you aren’t stupid. The true
definition of stupid is lacking normal intelligence or understanding, or slowwitted.
You don’t seem to be either of those. I think the word you’re looking for
is ignorant. It implies a lack of knowledge, either generally, or on some particular
subject, such as this game for instance.” She flushed. She hadn’t meant to speak
out loud, but now she had their full attention. “Sorry. Ignore me.”
“Gee, lady, you sound like a dictionary or something.” The younger one set
down his controller on the table and walked back to where she was lying on the
Damon had made her come in here earlier this morning so that he could
change the bandage and have a look at her foot. He said that it was swelling
quite a bit, and wanted her to sit with it elevated. He’d also given her something
for the pain, which had knocked her out again. She didn’t know what time it
was, but she thought she’d been asleep for some time.
“My name is Jacob Parker. That’s my brother James. Dan Parker is our
grandda. Uncle Damon said your name was Morgan Becky and that we were to
leave you be and try and keep it down to a dull roar if we could.” He grinned at
her and, just like that, she fell in love with him.
Jacob was a handsome little guy. He told her he was seven and his brother,
nine, almost ten. They were both blond and blue-eyed and loved to fight with
each other.
“Wanna play with us? We have lots of controllers and I can show you how if
you wanna.” James had obviously died or given up and had come over to join
them on the couch. “I can help you over to the television with your sore foot and
“I don’t know how to play at all. I mean, I’ve never played video games
before. So why don’t I just watch you two play? But I would like to sit closer.”
She was amazed at the size of the set and wanted to see if the picture looked as
good up close as it did from halfway across the room.

It took them twenty minutes to get her set up and her foot properly propped
up before they were huddled around her and the controller. James was
surprisingly patient with her, but she caught on fast, so that could have been
some of it. Jacob suggested that she could just play on easy with them. They
wouldn’t kill her too much and she could learn faster that way. She agreed only
because he was jumping around so much she feared he’d fall on her.
“If you push the red button, you’ll reload your weapon, but you have to
hurry, ‘cause your dying. Again.”
Morgan grinned at him and looked down at the thingy in her hand. The
buttons didn’t move around, so why did she have to look every time? She didn’t
know, but she was having the time of her life. When she looked up again, Nick
was standing in front of the television. Well, fuck!
“Hey, Uncle Nick, we can’t see. Move it or lose it, will ya? That’s it, Aunt
Morgan, kill the sucker! Die, pond scum, die!” She froze up and would have sat
there for much longer if Nick hadn’t nudged her a little. Jacob had just called her
“Can I play with you?”
Morgan slowly turned to look at him and nearly swallowed her tongue. He
was looking directly at her when he asked, and for some silly reason, she didn’t
think he was talking about the game. She blushed furiously and looked down
again. Yeah right, she thought, he so wants to play with you. He can barely stand to be
in the same house with you, and you thin ...well, so not going there.
“Here, but you gotta wait until James dies. Aunt Morgan is always dead first,
but she is lasting longer than two minutes now. She’s doing good—for a girl.” He
winked at her, the cheeky little kid.
“I lasted longer than you in the last campaign, kiddo. And I had a higher kill
ratio to time alive than both of you two games ago.” So there, she thought.
“Yeah, but it doesn’t really say much when you’re only alive for three
minutes and you start blasting the second you start. She killed two of her own
men in that one too, Uncle Nick. Then she made this girly noise like she’d really
hurt them.” James restarted the game and they were setting her up again.
Morgan tried to scoot over when Nick sat down next to her, but the pillow
stool arrangement for her foot made it nearly impossible for her to get over too
far. She huffed at him and he had the nerve to smile at her.
“I’ll be on Morgan’s team and you two play against us this time. I’m better at
this, but I have Aunt Morgan, so how much of a handicap do I get?”
The negotiation went on for another few minutes, but she tuned them out.
Her foot was beginning to hurt again, and she was in need of a bathroom break
and maybe something to eat. The whole house smelled really good. She rolled
over to her hands and knees to get up when she was suddenly standing up with
Nick helping her. In the next second, she was scooped up in his arms.
“Put me down, you idiot! I’m too heavy and I have on a dress. I don’t...” She
was frantically trying to put it back down around her thighs and not be dropped
at the same time.
“Yeah, I know you don’t like to be touched. I’m taking you to the bathroom,
if that’s where you were headed, and then I’ll bring you back. Be quiet and stop
squirming around.” She had to put her arm around his neck to hold on and she
when she felt his muscles under her hand flex, she jerked it back to her lap.
They made it to the downstairs powder room and when he put her down,
she was suddenly turned around to face him. He kissed her quickly on the
mouth and turned her back around. “I’ll be right out here when you’re done,”
was all he said as she hobbled inside.

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