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Morgan stood there for several minutes just staring at the wallpaper. It was
pretty, she thought, mauve flowers with tiny little blue and pink buds. He kissed
me. There were pictures on the wall of what appeared to be family members. One
looked like it could be Damon and Spencer as small boys. He kissed me on the
mouth. She’d never seen a toilet that was any other color than white, but both it
and the sink were a deep mauve. The light fixtures had the same pattern of
flowers wrapped around the glass domes that covered the blub. Right on her lips,
he kissed me.
Morgan realized that she had been standing there leaning against the counter
for too long when she heard a voice. It sounded like Mr. Parker asking Nick if
everything was all right.
“Yeah, Morgan just needed to go to the bathroom. I’m waiting to take her
back. I think maybe she might be hungry though.”
There was a mumbled response, but she had turned on the tap to cover the
noise of her going to the bathroom. Moving slowly so she didn’t bump her foot,
she stood up to wash her hands and then dry them. She had just turned off the
water when there was a short knock at the door.
“Almost finished. I’ll be out in a sec.” Morgan ran her fingers through her
hair and started to reach for the knob.
“Morgan, will you let me in, please?” It was Nick—Dr. Grant. She turned the
little tab and then opened the door to come out. He shouldered his way in before
she took a step.
“I...I’m finished. I was just...” His mouth covered hers and cut off her
sentence, her breathing, and her thought process.
Nick pulled her closer to him as she shifted around so that she was resting
on the counter. With a slight lift of her bottom, he lifted her injured foot by her
calf and wrapped it around his hip as he stepped between her legs.
“Morgan, give me your mouth. I want to taste you, please?” She felt his
tongue trace the seam of her lips and she opened them slightly. His tongue swept
inside and tangled with hers. She felt his groan rumble through his chest and his
hands tightened on her hips.
Morgan pulled back slightly and heard him growl before he allowed her to
pull back further to look up at him.
“ kissed me. You can’t just...I’m mad at you. I don’t want you to
kiss me.”
Of course, that would have been much more believable if she didn’t
currently have her ankles hooked around his hips, she thought with a grimace.
Apparently, he thought so too, because he grinned in response and kissed her
again, a short but no less heated one this time.
“I can tell. And you do mad very well.” With another grin, he scooped her
up into his arms and waited by the closed door until she turned the handle so
they could exit. She was really getting tired of being picked up all the time. By
the time she felt like she could say something to him about being mad at him, he
was putting her down in a kitchen chair where all the women seemed to have
“Mom, I think Morgan could use some lunch. I know I can.” He ruffled
Jacob’s hair and kissed his mother on her cheek. He started introducing Morgan
to his aunts.
“Aunt Pea, Aunt Mary, this is Morgan Becky. She works for me and is our
guest. Morgan, these are my aunts Peabody and Mary, my mom’s sisters. Their
husbands, Thomas and Mike, respectively are in the living room with Dan
watching football. My two cousins, Tom and Janie, are Aunt Pea’s kids; they’re
watching the game as well. You’ve not met my brothers Jamie or Devin, but
they’re in there too, I think. I am a man on a mission and have come to rescue
and feed my poor injured damsel in distress.” She knew she was looking at him
oddly, but she couldn’t help it.
“Who are you, and what have you done with Nickolas Grant, the guy with
the rod for a spine and a pain in my ass?” It was out before she could stop it.
Startled with herself, she looked around the room.
His Aunt Pea was bright red with tears streaming down her cheeks and her
hand clamped tight over her mouth. Ms. Parker was staring at her with her
mouth opened and mirth evident in her bright eyes. But his Aunt Mary was
gulping in large gulps of air and braying with laughter. It wasn’t long before the
other aunt was hysterical too. Ms. Parker finally gave in and had to be lead to a
chair to try and gain control of herself. These people were nuts, Morgan thought.
It wasn’t long before the boys were back with the other members of the
household and regaling the story for them. When Morgan chanced a glance at
Dr. Grant, she knew the true meaning of payback if his look was any indication.
And, oh boy, he was going to make her pay.
Morgan watched as he stalked toward her from across the room. She looked
around desperately for a way to escape, but there was nowhere to go. Standing
up and hanging onto the table, she started moving toward the little door to the
right of the sink. Almost there, she felt him snake his arm around her waist
seconds before he brought his mouth to her ear.
“I think not.” She felt his breath hot against her neck, his lips moving along
the shell of her ear. Had he of not pulled back when he did, she was sure she
would have leaned back into his chest and...she didn’t know what, but he felt so
“Let me go. I’m sorry I want you to let me go.” Her voice sounded strange
and heavy. She was nearly panting by the time he picked her up with his arm
around her and turned her to face the room. They were still laughing when he
started nuzzling her neck, nipping at her tender skin. Before she could stop
herself, she was leaning into his embrace and turned to his mouth with hers.
This kiss was different, it was...hungry. She was hungry for his mouth, his
taste. She was barely aware of him turning her in his arms and tightening his
hold on her, less aware of them backing into the room where she’d been headed.
The other people in the room disappeared with the closing of the door, the world
gone with the flick of the lock.

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