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They were driving home and Nick was thinking about the woman in his
arms. She was a quandary to him. She could speak several languages, run his
office with an iron fist, and work two jobs without missing a beat. She also
inspired loyalty in others toward her that amazed him beyond words. His
mother, for one, and then her other boss, Mick Sugar. He grinned when he
thought about that conversation.
Nick had to call Mick’s and tell them that she’d wouldn’t be in tonight, or
probably for the rest of the week. The man, while surly at first, nearly took Nick’s
head off when he told him she was injured and that was why she couldn’t come
in. He had demanded that he be kept up to date on her progress and told that her
job was safe as long as she wanted it.
“Yes, sir. My brothers and I are taking her to our family home to care for her
there. My brother Damon is a doctor and he’ll be keeping a close eye on her.” He
felt as if he was explaining why he’d taken the last cookie to his father rather
than calling someone off for work.
“You got a chaperone up there? You ain’t taking her up there for any illicit
activities, are you? I want you to know that I was a Green Beret in my time, and
I’ll kill you so slowly and painfully you’ll wish for death.” Nick believed him. In
that moment, he believed he would actually do it.
“No, sir! My...our mother and step-father are there too. No sir, we all are
going to care for her like she’s our own flesh and blood. I swear.”
Nick had turned around when he heard Byron snort. Glaring at him had
only made him laugh so he’d turned his back on him. He’d hung up after giving
the man his mom’s phone number so that he could call for himself when he
wanted to check on her.
Nick glanced up at his brothers, who were deep in conversation, and then
leaned down and brushed his lips across hers. They were as soft as he thought
they’d be. As much as he didn’t want to, he’d fallen for the girl. He wasn’t in
love with her, but definitely in lust for her.
The clothes she’d had on earlier notwithstanding, it was everything about
her. The color of her hair all the way down to those sexy little feet she had. He
wasn’t sure what he was going to do about her now that he’d notice her either.
When they pulled in the long drive to the family estate, he was resigned to
the fact that he had fucked up royally with her. He wondered, not for the first
time, how he was planning to fix it. Maybe, just maybe, he thought, she wasn’t at
all like his wife had been.
Morgan opened her eyes and looked around carefully. It was always a good
idea to get the lay of the land, so to speak, before others knew you were awake.
She’d learned this lesson the hard way.
The room she was in was beautiful, what she could see of it. There was a
small lamp lit across the room so she rolled over toward it and froze.
Standing just next to the bed was a little girl. She was dressed in Pooh
jammies and was holding a doll in one hand and sucking the thumb of the other.
Morgan blinked several times to be sure she wasn’t dreaming. While the room
wasn’t one she’d ever been in before, this child was way scarier in that she didn’t
know any kids.
“Hello. Who are you?” Morgan tried to sit up, but moaned when the pain
from her foot shot up her leg and made her remember what had happened.
Morgan watched as the little girl set her doll gently on the floor and, taking
her thumb out of its safe haven, she began moving her hands in sign language.
“Ah, Meggie. Hello, Meggie, I’m Morgan Becky. I’m glad to meet you.”
Morgan answered her in the same way. She had learned ASL while in prison.
One of the inmates had taught it to her one week. She watched her closely. She
was a pretty little thing, she thought, and wondered again where she was.
“Yes, I have to go to the bathroom. Can you tell me where I am? I went to
sleep at Mr. Grant’s apartment and I don’t remember getting here.” She watched
Meggie walk across the room and pick up a pair of crutches and bring them back
to her. Then she pointed to a note on the bed stand.
Ms. Becky,
Don’t get up without calling one of us to help you. You are to stay off that foot or
else. I am just down the hall and Damon and the others are close as well. Just dial four to
reach me.
Nickolas Grant
Arrogant bastard, she thought, but did not say it out loud. She asked Meggie if
she knew who Nick was, and was told he was her uncle. Her father was Spencer
Grant, a school teacher.
“Where’s your mother?” she asked as she worked her way to the side of the
bed. And was surprised to hear that the little girl was visiting her dad for the
holidays. Her mom was on another honeymoon. Her fourth. Meggie told her that
she was five and got to go to school next fall.
Morgan made it to the bathroom and peed. Then finding her things on the
counter, decided she probably had just enough energy to brush her teeth and
wash her face. She was exhausted by the time she made it back to the bed.
“Well, kid, I’m worn out. Why don’t you go to bed and I’ll see you before I
leave in the morning, okay?” She watched in astonishment as Meggie went to the
other side of the bed and crawled in with her doll and thumb. Morgan was too
tired to argue. Besides, what harm could it do? She got in with her.

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“I’m Misha. Say it please. 
I want to hear you say my name.
” Her breathless reply had him grinning.
 “Not Mr. Lanning. Misha.
 Say it, Hannah. 
Say my name so I can kiss you properly.”
“I’m Misha. Say it please. 
I want to hear you say my name.
” Her breathless reply had him grinning.
 “Not Mr. Lanning. Misha. Say it, Hannah.
 Say my name so I can kiss you properly.”

“I don’t know how. Know how to kiss at all.”
 He brushed his mouth over hers, happy with her confession. 
“You should stop now.”

He ran his tongue over her lips and watched as she ran her own over her lips, as if she were tasting him there. 
With a small groan, he took her lower lip into his mouth and suckled it until she put her hand on his arm.
 Her breathless “Don’t” made him want more.

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