Monday, February 21, 2011

Coming Soon! The first book in the Aaron's Kiss series!

Sara Temple goes to work one day and finds a group of rogue Vampires is going to kill her boss and his pregnant mate.  In trade for her life, she agrees to save the life of the newly appointed – extremely handsome Master Vampire Aaron MacManus. 
Sara has been protecting the Queen of Magic for years – since the explosion that caused her to lose her unborn child.  On the run from the Council of Magick, she tries to keep a low profile and watch over the Queen who nearly went to Fade – a place of certain death to her kind.

Aaron discovers that Sara is his mate – for which neither of them is very happy about.  Their discovery of each other and the magic that both have brings them closer than any other couple ever known.  A sensual and sexual meeting of their minds is explosive and erotic.  

Together they can save Magic – all magic for mankind, they can bring a kiss of vampires together to bond and trust that has never been for something they’d had before. 
Theirs is a love story that will span centuries if they don’t kill one another first

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