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Morgan was on the phone when he came back upstairs two hours later. She
didn’t even glance at him when he laid the bag from the local phone store on the
desk and a small container with an African violet in it. Nick didn’t think that
she’d like roses. He didn’t know why. Besides, he thought the planter would
look pretty on her desk. He stood there waiting for her, then finally moved to
one of the chairs as she finished up the call.
“I’m sorry. There are four phones in there. You can put them wherever you’d
like.” She raised an eyebrow at him and he amended his statement. “Anywhere
in your apartment you’d like. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the service being
hooked up.”
“Wow! That must have hurt. The great Dr. Nickolas Grant says he’s sorry.
The world will surely come to a halt.” She didn’t care what he thought at this
“There’s no need to be snarky. I just assumed that you’d figure out if there
weren’t any phones in the place, you might need to get some. How the hell was I
supposed to know you were that dense?”
“Well, that certainly didn’t last long, did it? I have the phones Dr. Grant; I’ll
plug them in as soon as I get downstairs. Is there anything else I can fuck up for
you today? No? Then I’ll get back to work.” She picked up the phone on the third
ring and dismissed him with a turn of the chair.
“Good morning, Grant Corporations, Morgan Becky speaking. May I help
“Hello, Morgan. It’s Margaret Parker. I was wondering if you’d meet me for
dinner tonight? I can meet you anywhere you’d like.” Just friggin’ great. If this
day could get any worse, she didn’t have a clue how. She looked up at Nick and
sighed. Yeah, she thought, I guess it could.
“Ms. Parker, I…” She saw him tense up when she mentioned his mother’s
name. He was waiting for her to say something mean. Little did he know, she
didn’t have any meanness left in her today. He’d taken care of that all on his
“Please, Morgan. I’ve got some things to say to you, some things I should
have said before. Please?”
“All right, Ms. Parker, I’ll meet you. I should get out of here around six,
barring any unforeseen problems.” Like I have to murder your son.
“Good, I’ll meet you out front of the Grant building at six-thirty. Thank you,
dear, I’ll see you then.”

She hung up the phone and dared the man across from her to say a word.
Any would set her off, and she knew it. Apparently, so did he, because he got up
and went to his office without uttering a single one. Damned man.
Morgan was standing outside the building when the large limo pulled up.
When the driver came around to the sidewalk side and opened the door, Morgan
looked around for the rider. When Ms. Parker called to her from the depths of it,
she walked forward.
“Come in, dear. I so hate to drive and this was free for the day.” The driver
handed her inside and she sat across from her boss’s mother.
“Ms. Parker. I don’t know what you could say to me here that you couldn’t
say over the phone. You didn’t need to have dinner with me.” She was
uncomfortable, first, because she was in a limo, and secondly, because of who
she was with.
Morgan kept expecting Nick to come out to the desk and to tell her to be
nice, or some other such advice, all afternoon. But he’d stayed in his office and
didn’t even come out when she’d left for the day. She didn’t really care what he
did in there; she was just glad he’d chosen to leave her alone.
“I wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I was out of place the other week and
I’ve felt bad about it since. Nicky told me what he’d said to you afterwards and
I’ve told him what I think of him interfering, as well. I want us to be friends,
Morgan. I really do.”
She didn’t want any friends. Friends wanted things she no longer could give
people. Trust and understanding were just a few of the things.
“I don’t... I’m not sure how to be a friend, Ms. Parker. I like just being alone
and on my own. I’m’re out of my league, and I...I just want to be left
“Out of my league? What nonsense. I’m just a normal person, just as you are.
Why would you think I’m out of your league?”
“Well, for one thing, money. Secondly, and I think this is the big one; you’ve
never spent time in prison. That in of itself is usually what separates the humans
from sub humans.”
“Morgan, do you think of yourself as a sub human? Oh, child, what
happened to you wasn’t your fault. You were a victim. You weren’t to...”
“Ms. Parker. I’m here because you asked me to be. I killed that man as surely
as you’re sitting here. Does it make it okay because of what he did? Am I
justified in taking his life? No. At least, I don’t think so. Yes, he deserved to be
punished, but death, that wasn’t my call to make. I wish some days, most days
really, that I was still back in prison. I understood it there. There were rules,
sects, and people left me alone. In the five years, six months, two weeks, and four
days in was in there, I had one visitor, you. In the two months I’ve been out...I
wish I could go back.”
Morgan turned to the window and watched the buildings go by. She wasn’t
hoping for sympathy, nor was she asking for forgiveness. She truly wanted to be
left alone.
“I’m very sorry you feel that way, child. I really am. I wish I could make it
better for you, tolerable anyway.”
She heard the sadness in her voice and turned back to the older woman. “It
wasn’t my intention to make you sad, Ms. Parker. Let’s have a nice dinner, all
right? I’ve never been out before. Where are we going?”
After a few minutes of tense silence, Ms. Parker looked at her. “Chinese. I
love it. Have you ever eaten it? I’m not sure anything they would have served
you in the big house would be considered food, much less an ethnic group.”
“Big house?” Morgan laughed, hard and long. “Okay, the big house only
served three types of meals—firm, mushy, and deep fried. Oh, and then there
was dessert. Mostly it was fruit, but sometimes, we’d have green pie, black pie,
or my favorite, yellow sponge. Some days I’d take mine back to the cell and use it
for bathing.”
“Morgan Becky! Did you just make a joke?” The two women laughed
uproariously the rest of the way to the restaurant and through most of their

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“Do you know what you are to me?” She shook her head as he whispered to her. His mouth was doing incredible things to her and she wanted more. “Mate? You’re my mate. Do you know what that means?”

Her body seemed to come alive at his words. She struggled to pull from him and he let her go, but he didn’t back off. She moved back from him as far as the wall and tried to get her mind to function again. She was not going to be his mate, not any man’s.

“You have to go. I won’t bother you anymore if you do the same for me.” He moved to within a foot of her and she put up her hands. “I don’t want you here. Please, you can’t want me as a mate. I don’t…I’m not even sure that this isn’t some ploy to get what you want. Or money. Is that it?” She looked up at him as he started cursing.
Hunter Emerson and his brothers answered the request of a pack looking for a new Alpha and moved to Sommersville. Since they were all Alphas, Hunter didn’t have the clue that he was the new Alpha until he arrived. It didn’t sit well with him at all that a woman held herself in recluse and wouldn’t answer and pledge herself to the new Alpha. What she could be doing there on that big estate with no one around to witness… His mind reeled with the possibilities―none of them good.
Slone Morris had an understanding with the local pack―leave her alone and she’d let the pack stay on her land free of charge. It was as simple as that. She didn’t deal well with people. But the new Alpha in town wouldn’t take “Fuck off” for an answer.

Slone’s past threatened to rear its ugly head at every turn. There was one―someone she thought she trusted―who didn’t want the past dredged back up. He was determined to stop her―at all cost…
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“I’m Misha. Say it please. 
I want to hear you say my name.
” Her breathless reply had him grinning.
 “Not Mr. Lanning. Misha.
 Say it, Hannah. 
Say my name so I can kiss you properly.”
“I’m Misha. Say it please. 
I want to hear you say my name.
” Her breathless reply had him grinning.
 “Not Mr. Lanning. Misha. Say it, Hannah.
 Say my name so I can kiss you properly.”

“I don’t know how. Know how to kiss at all.”
 He brushed his mouth over hers, happy with her confession. 
“You should stop now.”

He ran his tongue over her lips and watched as she ran her own over her lips, as if she were tasting him there. 
With a small groan, he took her lower lip into his mouth and suckled it until she put her hand on his arm.
 Her breathless “Don’t” made him want more.

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