Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Under (the) Cover Work

Damon the final installment to the Grant Brothers is due out soon. And this weekend you can pick up a free copy of Nickolas the one that started it all on Amazon.com  Do a search for my name and starting Saturday through Sunday night, you can get your free copy!!!


  1. Kathy,you are killing me!! These mean, are (drooling) gorgeous! I will definately check it out. Can't wait. Jacquie

  2. Hey, wait until you read it!! Damon is one of my fav Grant Brothers...(Jamie is by far the best. This weekend you can get Nickolas for free at Amazon.com. Just put in my name and you'll see both books I'm going to be giving away. Yummy men and stories. lol

  3. i really liked all of your books but i was wondering why you didnt put in the book Damon why you didnt mention about byron and taylors baby when everyone else's was mentioned in this book at the end