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“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; are you brining anyone to Mom and Dan’s?
Mom invited Morgan, but she isn’t coming. Mom is fairly disappointed about it.”
Byron had come into town to have dinner with Nick and to start trying to get
ideas for Christmas presents.
“No, I don’t normally think of Thanksgiving as a ‘bring a date’ kind of
holiday. Why, did you have someone in mind?”
Nick hadn’t been on a date in months. Not even to get laid. Damon had him
on this low fat, low cholesterol, no taste diet and it was killing his energy level.
Plus, he...fighting with Morgan was wearing him out too.
“Nah, just wondering. I was dating this woman from Charlie’s, but that
didn’t pan out. She wasn’t into the same relationship needs I was, so we called it
quits.” Nick stared at his brother. He didn’t think he’d ever heard the term
“relationship needs” uttered out of his mouth before.
“You mean she wanted long term and you wanted sex. Yes, I can see where
that would be an issue for you. Come on, we’re supposed to meet Damon at his
office at six and I’m starving.”
Both men got up to leave, but Nick hesitated for just a few minutes more. He
didn’t want to get into it with Morgan again. He just couldn’t seem stop picking
at her. He knew that’s what he was doing, but it didn’t stop him from doing it.
“She’s gone.”
Nick looked sharply at his brother. He felt his face heat up. Damn it, how’d
he figure it out?
“I...what are you talking...what do you mean she’s gone? It’s not even six yet.
She’s supposed to stay until...well, I don’t even know when she normally leaves,
but it’s never before me.” He was unreasonably pissed now. Damn it, he was
leaving. Why shouldn’t she be able to?
“She was leaving when I came in an hour ago. Said she had some things she
had to do before she had to go out again. Don’t know, didn’t ask, and didn’t care.
Why do you? I mean, it’s not like she doesn’t work like sixty hours a week
anyway. Back off, give her some air. You know, Nicky, if you hate the girl so
much, why don’t you just get rid of her?” Nick was glad that Byron was in front
of him, because the thought of getting rid of Morgan startled him for a few
“Because we have a contract, and besides, she does a good job. At least she
hasn’t fucked up that I know of. Good secretaries are very hard to find.” They
were going down in the elevator to the first floor as they talked. Besides, he
thought, his mom would probably shoot him if he did. For some reason, the two
of them got along great.
The doctor’s office was beginning to be decorated for Christmas as it was
closed from now until the Monday after Thanksgiving. The staff was also having
a little celebration as they worked. Nick wondered if he should have Morgan put
up a tree and then dismissed the idea. No one came to their offices and he didn’t
know what her plans were anyway.
“Hello, Nicky, long time no see. I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately.”
Marsha Bentley always made him feel like he was a slab of meat on a hook. She
looked at him like that too.
She was pretty enough, he supposed, with her bottle dark hair and full lips,
but she wasn’t...he didn’t want to think about what she wasn’t. But she wasn’t,
not at all. He’d been thinking about redheads a lot lately. Not that Morgan had
anything to do with it. He’d always liked red heads, with their creamy skin, and
her freckles across...their freckles, not hers. Freckles across the nose were a
natural on redheads, not just on Morgan. Damned woman, it was all her fault he
couldn’t get laid.
“I’m fine.” He realized he’d barked at her when she looked at him with
raised eyebrows. Byron was giving him the same look. He turned to find Damon.
People were reading too much into everything he’d done lately.
“Damon, you about ready to go?” He started to rub his chest again and
stopped short. He’d been told if he didn’t have any more flare ups, he could have
a regular dinner tomorrow. He was not ruining that now.
“Dr. Grant there’s a woman on the...oh, hello, Dr. Grant. Happy
Thanksgiving! Hummm... there’s a woman on the phone, says she has a piece of
glass in her foot and can’t get it out. Want me to transfer it in here?” Tansy Bell
was the oldest woman working for Damon, and the most dedicated too.
“A piece of glass? Tell her how to get it out and then to glue it shut if it’s
bigger than half an inch long,” Damon told Tansy without bothering to look up
from what he was doing.
Nick sat across from his brother’s desk when Tansy shut the office door.
Damon was still filling out charts and said he’d only be a few more minutes.
“Glue it shut? That’s a new one. Just use regular old Elmer’s?” Nicky leaned
up and took a cigar out of the box on his desk as he spoke. He didn’t light it up,
really didn’t like to smoke them, but the smell ... ahhhh, that was ambrosia to
“No, super glue. It works pretty well on smaller cuts. It cleans the wound,
too, with the eucalyptus in it. They’ve been using it at the hospital for years. Get
your feet off my desk, you heathen.” They both turned to the door when Tansy
popped back in.
“I’m sorry, sir, but it’s Ms. Becky. She said that she doesn’t have any
tweezers and she doesn’t think that will work anyway. She has the glue, but she
just can’t get it out. Want me to go up and help her? She’s such a nice little
thing.” She already had her coat on and they could hear the others leaving as
well. Nick looked at Damon and sighed.
“I’ll go up and take care of her. You go on home, Tansy, and you”—he
pointed at Damon—“had better be ready when I get back.”
Nick took the stairs two at a time and was looking forward to blasting the
perfect Ms. Becky. How she could not get a sliver of glass out of her foot was
beyond him. He stopped suddenly, unless she was trying to make her move
toward Damon. Nah, Damon wasn’t her type. She’d be more...well, his type if he
was looking for a woman, which he wasn’t.
By the time he got to her door, he had worked himself up into quite a snit.
He had her moving in with Damon and having Devin’s love child and raising
Meggie, Spencer’s little girl, all at the same time. When he found the door partly
open, he threw it back against the wall with enough force to knock a picture off
the opposite wall. He knew the moment the sound reverberated in the room that
he shouldn’t have done it. Everything about her screamed for him to protect her,
but all he could seem to do was push her away.
“Morgan Becky, where the hell are you, and why is your door open for just
any one to walk in?” When she came through the door from the kitchen, he
nearly swallowed his tongue. Christ, where the hell did she think she was going
dressed like that?
“Where’s your brother, the doctor? The real doctor. I want him to come up
and fix this.” He stalked toward her and noticed that she’d been crying.
“He’s busy, and he’s not your type anyway. Let me see this piece of glass so
that he and I can get going.”
“No. I want you to leave. won’t be nice, and I hurt too much to hold
my mouth closed. Please, you leave. I’ll...I don’t know what I’ll do, but I want
you to leave.” He noticed she was leaning against the doorjamb and her foot was
up behind her.
“Damon is busy. I’m going to take the glass out, glue it closed, and you’re
going to tell me where you think you’re going dressed like a street walker on a
Wednesday night.”
She turned around and hopped back into the kitchen, of course not
answering him. She did that a lot; he thought—didn’t answer when he asked her
something. Well, damn it, she wasn’t walking away now.
Nick walked into the room and nearly hit the floor. He looked down and
was startled by the amount of blood on it. He looked up at Morgan, who was
trying to climb up onto the sink, when he noticed that the blood was pouring
from her foot, her shoed foot. And sticking right out of the top and bottom was a
hunk of glass glossy with her blood. His heart went into overdrive seeing her
hurt. The need to cradle her in his arms and to keep her safe, paramount.
“Mother fuck! What did you do?” He picked her up at once and settled her
on the counter with her foot in the sink. He ignored her protests about being
touched and gently lifted her foot up to get a closer look.
The glass was approximately three inches long, about an inch wide, and
about four inches high. He looked at her and nearly crumbled with shame. She
had been crying, and she still was.
“It hurts. Can you take it out? I have the glue Ms. Tansy said to glue it with.
If you could get it out, I can do the rest so you can go to your mom’s.” Nick
hated himself more in that moment than he had ever hated himself before. He
pulled out his cell phone and called Damon.
“I need you up here right now! And bring your bag of tricks. She’s hurt badly
and I think she might have lost a great deal too much blood.”

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“Do you know what you are to me?” She shook her head as he whispered to her. His mouth was doing incredible things to her and she wanted more. “Mate? You’re my mate. Do you know what that means?”

Her body seemed to come alive at his words. She struggled to pull from him and he let her go, but he didn’t back off. She moved back from him as far as the wall and tried to get her mind to function again. She was not going to be his mate, not any man’s.

“You have to go. I won’t bother you anymore if you do the same for me.” He moved to within a foot of her and she put up her hands. “I don’t want you here. Please, you can’t want me as a mate. I don’t…I’m not even sure that this isn’t some ploy to get what you want. Or money. Is that it?” She looked up at him as he started cursing.
Hunter Emerson and his brothers answered the request of a pack looking for a new Alpha and moved to Sommersville. Since they were all Alphas, Hunter didn’t have the clue that he was the new Alpha until he arrived. It didn’t sit well with him at all that a woman held herself in recluse and wouldn’t answer and pledge herself to the new Alpha. What she could be doing there on that big estate with no one around to witness… His mind reeled with the possibilities―none of them good.
Slone Morris had an understanding with the local pack―leave her alone and she’d let the pack stay on her land free of charge. It was as simple as that. She didn’t deal well with people. But the new Alpha in town wouldn’t take “Fuck off” for an answer.

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“I’m Misha. Say it please. 
I want to hear you say my name.
” Her breathless reply had him grinning.
 “Not Mr. Lanning. Misha.
 Say it, Hannah. 
Say my name so I can kiss you properly.”
“I’m Misha. Say it please. 
I want to hear you say my name.
” Her breathless reply had him grinning.
 “Not Mr. Lanning. Misha. Say it, Hannah.
 Say my name so I can kiss you properly.”

“I don’t know how. Know how to kiss at all.”
 He brushed his mouth over hers, happy with her confession. 
“You should stop now.”

He ran his tongue over her lips and watched as she ran her own over her lips, as if she were tasting him there. 
With a small groan, he took her lower lip into his mouth and suckled it until she put her hand on his arm.
 Her breathless “Don’t” made him want more.

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