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CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE is Now Available To Read 

Nick had been sitting in the office looking up some last minute investments
when the printer behind him started printing. He didn’t really think much about
it until it signaled it was out of paper and he’d turned around to refill it. There
were about twenty sheets already there so he set them on the corner of his desk
and filled it up. His name caught his eye as he turned back around and looked at
the sheets closer. They were about him.
Someone was doing research on him, extensive research, it seemed. He
looked at the ones printed, then picked up the last sheets as they came out. All
thirty-nine pages were about him, from his childhood all the way until last week
when he’d gone to the charity thing with his brother. He gathered them all up
and went to see who it was.
Nick found Morgan still in the gaming room with a laptop on the table in
front of her. She was the only one up.
“I found these. They were printing and it ran out of paper. Do they belong to
you?” He didn’t hand them to her, but stood in the doorway holding them.
“Yes, hummm, do you think I could have them please? They’re not...I was
doing some research on something.” She didn’t say anything more, but held out
her hand.
Nick wanted to demand to know what she was doing. Why she was looking
up things about him, but he felt he already knew the answer to that. What did
every woman want when they had a very wealthy man sniffing around? Money.
He had to hand it to her. She was certainly doing her homework. He handed
them to her and sat in the chair across from her. His entire body was cold. He’d
thought she was different. But she was really no different than any other woman
he knew, especially his wife. She’d only married him for his money, his security.
That’s what she’d told him the day before she died.
Well, he wasn’t going to be suckered in this time. No way was he letting
another woman sink her claws into him. Or his family.
“Are you all right, Nickolas? You look a little...”
“Yes. I’m fine, better than fine. Are you ready for bed?” He didn’t let her
finish. He didn’t want to hear her fake kindness right now. He wanted...he
wanted her to pay.
He bent over and picked her up. When she protested again, he nearly
snarled at her to drop the innocent act, that he knew what she was up to.
“You aren’t heavy. Not in the slightest.” He carried her up to his room and
laid her on the bed. Before she could say anything, he was kissing her. It was
several seconds before he realized he was scaring her, hurting her, and he backed
off a little.
“I’m sorry, you’re just so beautiful. I forget myself.” He kissed her this time,
gently, and began to unbutton her shirt as he did. She really was beautiful and
sexy. It wasn’t hard for him to show her his desire for her, his need.
Nick stripped her down slowly, kissing each bit of skin he revealed. Her
breasts were exquisite, firm and full; her nipples were dark and the tips hard.
When he took one into his mouth and suckled it, she arched against him. He
continued his way down her body, removing clothing, tasting her. When she lay
before him in only her panties, he stood back and stripped to his bare skin and
looked at her.
“I want to be inside of you, deep inside of you.” Mindful of her foot, he
slowly moved to her core. Heat poured from her. Slowly, he rocked gently into
her. “You’re so tight, tighter than I thought you’d be,” he said as he moved
inside of her.
“What? What did you say?” He wanted her to know. He wanted her to know
that he wasn’t going to fall for her games.
“I said that you’re tighter than I thought. Oh, don’t worry, I’m enjoying this.
But I’m not going to come. I’m not going to give you what you need to trap me.”
He moved again. He wanted to slam into her, take her hard and fast, but he
didn’t have a condom and there was no way he was coming in her.
“Trap you? What are you talking about?” She was good, he’d give her that.
She had the indignant woman down pat.
“You know, into marriage, or whatever else you were researching me for. I’ll
fuck you, but I won’t pay. Maybe we can do this some other time, when I’m
more prepared. I’m willing to pay you, of course. I don’t know what the going
rate is for a hooker, but you’d be worth about any price. You are so tight. Did
you try this on Randall? Is that what happened and you cried rape? It’s not going
to work with me, Morgan. You aren’t going to have my bastard, and I won’t let
you hurt me or my family.”
Nick rocked into her again and again. He couldn’t seem to help himself. He
needed to stop now, now before it was too late, and pulled out of her. He looked
down at her and noticed that she wasn’t moving, just laying there staring at him.
When he got up off the bed, she rolled over and curled around herself. He
hardened his heart and continued.
“I want you gone from here before I get out of the bathroom, do you hear
me? And I want you to stay away from my family from now on. I don’t know
how you suckered my Mother into your little scheme, but you’ll leave her alone
too. Do you hear me?” He waited until she answered and just when he thought
she wasn’t going to, she said, “yes.”
Nick moved to the door and looked back when he heard a sound, but didn’t
stop moving until he was nearly to the bathroom. He could tell she was crying,
but he didn’t care. Or at least, he tried not to care. He shut the door behind him
and leaned against the sink.
He looked at the man in the mirror and suddenly hated him. Hated what
he’d done and what he’d said. But he wasn’t that man right now, and he wasn’t
going to be caught in a loveless marriage again. He jerked on the shower,
stepped under the steaming water, and began scrubbing his skin.

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