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Morgan woke up on a bed. There was a small body tucked tight against her
side. Meggie. When she tried to move out from under her, the little girl tightened
her hold around her arm.
“She insisted on sleeping with you. She said that you’d need her when you
woke up. I think she’s worried about you.” The whispered voice was coming
from across the room. She couldn’t make out who it was, but it was not Nickolas.
“I...someone sedated me. I...where am I?” She started to move to the other
side and encountered another body, this one considerably bigger and male.
Nickolas was in bed with her.
“Yes, my brother Damon did. You’d had a fright. I’m Devin
Grant, by the way. We didn’t get a chance to meet earlier. I’m sorry about that.
My family is downstairs and as soon as you feel like you can, they’d like for you
to come down. Nicky hasn’t been there long; he feels bad for scaring you. Can
you? Get up, I mean.” They were going to make her leave.
Morgan didn’t blame them. They’d been ready to sit down to their
Thanksgiving dinner. She’d lost control, screaming like an idiot and ruining their
dinner. No, she thought, she didn’t blame them.
“I need my bag before I leave. It has my stuff in it; it’s pink. You can’t miss it.
I’m really sorry about dinner. wasn’t Dr. Grant’s fault. I got...I have
nightmares, you see. Well, that’s not true; I have them even when I’m awake. Tell
him…tell him it’s nothing to do with him. I just, sometimes I get a...can I go
now?” There was no excuse for what she’d done and she knew it.
“Are you finished? And I swear, Morgan, if you call me Dr. Grant one more
time I’m going to paddle you but good I’ve had your nip…” She heard Nickolas
take a deep breath, the hot air moving along her neck. “Devin, why don’t you
take Meggie down the hall? Morgan and I’ll be a few more minutes.” She started
to scramble to the other side, the side that Meggie had been sleeping, when
Nickolas hauled her back with an arm around her waist.
“Let me go. I want to go back to Mr. Grant’s apartment. Why you brought
me here is... Why did you bring me here? Never mind, I want—”
“Does it bother you when I’m on top of you, or was it me pulling your arms
up too?” He was so matter-of-fact that she just answered.
“Both, but mostly my arms. I...he tied me to the bed and I couldn’t... I don’t
like to be touched, restrained like that. I need you to let me go.”
“No, not yet. What if I kissed you now, like this? Would it scare you if I
kissed you with you beneath me? Does it remind you of them?” No one had
asked her before. Of course, no one had been this close to her before either.
“I...they never kissed. I’d never been kissed until you. I think if you let me
up, I could have Mick...”
“They didn’t kiss you? And no, Mick isn’t coming to get you. Just hush and
answer my questions. How could you have never been kissed before? With a
mouth like yours...and I don’t mean the smart-assed part, but the taste of you.”
Morgan glared up at him. He had thrown his left leg across her hips and
then tucked it around her. He was just too heavy to move without his help, or
“The first guy who tried, I bit through his lip until I got blood. They didn’t
take the gag off after that. It could also have had something to do with my
screaming. And I am not a smart ass. Get off me, you big dick head. I...your
family’s waiting on you down—ouch! That fucking hurt.”
Nick had swatted her across the butt, hard. Then he rubbed the area with his
hand until it wasn’t a rub anymore, but a caress. Then it became a pull. He was
pulling her closer to him, his body. And she wanted it.
Nick didn’t press her into the bed like she was afraid he’d do. But pulled her
on top of him as he shifted to his back. Mindful of her foot, he spread her legs
wide across his hips, across his groin. Still pulling her toward him, he gripped
her hips and pulled her harder, down against him.
“Nickolas...I ...”
Nick sat up and covered her mouth with his, devouring her, savoring her.
She moaned against his mouth and then again when he began making his way
down her throat to her collar bone, then lower, his lips leaving a trail of wet, hot
nips and bites. He brought his hands up from her hips and cupped both of her
breasts in his palms and lifted them high, high into his mouth. When he bit her
nipple through her clothing, she surged hard into him, wrapped both her hands
around his head, and pulled him closer to her.
“Come for me, Morgan. Ride me until you come apart. Come against me like
this. Now, baby, come now.” Lifting her shirt and yanking her bra away from
what he wanted, he took her hard peak into his mouth and suckled, hard and
deep into his hot mouth.
Morgan felt it building, her need nearly out of control. She was riding him,
the friction of his cock pressing against her mound pushing her harder and faster
to what they both wanted. When she felt him nibble on her flesh and take her
into his mouth again, she came apart. Had he not kissed her at the moment, the
entire house would have heard her scream out her release. Over and over, her
body convulsed and jerked. He held her close to him, whispering into her ear as
she settled. When she finally laid lax over him, he lifted her chin to look at her.
“We’re going downstairs now to have dinner. I don’t want to. I want to bury
myself deep, deep inside of you and have you come like that over me, onto my
cock. And I want to come inside of you. I don’t want to leave this bed again until
we’ve both had our fill of each other, but they’re waiting for us. Then after
dinner, I’m going to bring you up here and we are going to pick up right here,
Morgan could only nod at him. He’d given her pleasure and had taken none
for himself. And, boy oh boy, had she gotten pleasure, she thought with a sloppy
smile. Even now she wanted to ride him again until he could feel this good and
she could again.
“If you keep looking at me like that, we aren’t going anywhere.” She
watched as he slipped out of bed and went to the adjoining bathroom. She could
see his cock pressed hard against his pants. She wanted to touch him, to feel him
in her hands, in her body. She moaned aloud and he growled at her. “Get up
before you can’t. I mean it, Morgan. If you keep this up, you won’t leave this
room for a month.” As he entered the bathroom and shut the door, she
wondered if he actually thought that was a punishment. When she heard him
flick the lock, she burst out laughing.

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