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They were all around the table when he carried her downstairs. Devin had
told everyone that she was awake, and they gathered together to wait. The table
was beautiful and full of more food than Morgan had seen in a year.
“How are you feeling, sweetheart? You look better; there’s color in your
Morgan stared open mouthed at Ms. Parker, and would have continued
staring if Nickolas had not reached over and closed her mouth.
“No, baby, she doesn’t know what we’ve been up to. But I would say the
others do. Just ignore them and enjoy your meal. You’re going to need the extra
calories before this night is over.”
Morgan felt a blush race over her body, and then she heard Byron snicker
and blushed harder. With a very heartfelt glare from her, he settled down and
started filling his plate. The other man, she thought it must be Jamie, just laughed
harder when she tried the same on him. The whole family was full of men who
were full of themselves, she thought.
“Whose turn is it to watch the parade this year?” Damon had asked as they
settled in the largest living room Morgan had ever seen after dinner.
Morgan had picked up her crutches to use, but found that her foot really
hurt, and was carried by Nick again. She was either going to have to get better
soon, or lose some serious weight. When she said as much to Nickolas, he
growled at her. She didn’t know why, but she was really getting to like that
sound coming from him.
“I think its Dan’s turn this year. Devin had it last year. Too bad, old man. I
was buying lunch at Mario’s this year.” Spencer patted him hard on the back as
he grinned at the other man.
“Every year since Meggie was born, one of us stays home with her. We
record the Macy’s parade and watch it with her while the others shop. The next
person on the list buys lunch for us all. It’s a lot of fun,” Nickolas explained
when she asked.
“I can watch her. I mean, if Dr. Grant doesn’t mind leaving her with me. I’ll
be here anyway, and there isn’t any reason for someone to stay if I don’t shop.”
Morgan had said it before she’d thought. She should have cleared it with
Spencer before putting him on the spot like that. Besides, she hadn’t been invited
“Really? You’d watch her. I mean, she really likes you already. And her hair,
I meant to tell you earlier, it’s beautiful. Plus, the ribbon on her thumb has
worked too. She won’t take it off.”
At the curious looks, he explained how Morgan had tied a ribbon, a bow,
around Meggie’s thumb and told her it was prettier this way instead of in her
mouth. She hadn’t sucked on it since.
“Oh, that’s just lovely! And it worked too? Congratulations, my dear, you
accomplished in one day what countless doctors haven’t been able to do in
months.” Mrs. Parker sounded genuinely happy.
Morgan flushed. It had been years since anyone had complimented her, and
here she was getting it twice in one day.
After a little while, Jacob asked for her help and she made her way into the
gaming room. She thought that he wanted her to start on his project, but he
actually wanted her to be his partner in another game.
“You do all right for a girl. Besides, I get a handicap when I play with you.”
He grinned at her and they both laughed.
Jacob had brought her in the laptop and every time she died, which was
taking longer and longer to happen, she’d research a little more. It was kinda
While she was in prison, she’d taken a few classes on web design and set up.
She’d gotten so good at it that she was able to make a few sites for some of the
guards and their wives. One was a site she set up was for an interior designer
and she told Morgan that her business had tripled since it was put online. It was
getting fairly late and she was just printing up the last of the pages when Nick
came into the room. He had her papers in his hand.

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