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“Grant Corporations, Morgan Becky speaking. May I help you?” Her voice
sounded okay, Morgan thought. She hadn’t known what to say when the phone
had rang earlier this morning, but Ms. Wayne had scribbled down the words
quickly for her. It was nearly two-thirty now and she’d spent a pleasant morning
getting set up and learning her job.
It was fairly easy so far. Dr. Grant had called at eleven, gave her his cell
phone number, and made sure she repeated it to him four times before he’d
hung up. He’d called twice more since then. She’d taken seven phone messages
and made him two appointments for the following day.
Morgan had found the spa day that he’d set up for her then She kept going
back to it and couldn’t for the life of her think what it had meant. He’d put her
name, correct this time, and “day at spa” with the name of the place. It would
probably be really nice, but she didn’t want to make a fool of herself and scream
when someone touched her. Morgan decided that he was really sweet to do it.
Strange, but sweet.
Ms. Wayne had given her the direct number to her desk, and if she needed
anything, to just call. Ms. Wayne had also left her a large book of information on
the company. It told her what Dr. Grant was a doctor of, finance, and how much
money he was presumably worth, seventy million and counting. It had also told
of his wife’s tragic death fourteen months into their marriage in a car accident
that had also taken the life of his father.
“Nicky there? I need to talk to him. Tell him it’s Bambi.” The voice on the
other end sounded just like a person would think a Bambi’d sound like. All highpitched
and squeaky voiced.
“I’m sorry, Ms. Bambi, but Dr. Grant isn’t in right now. But if you’d like, I
can take a message and give it to him when he returns.” There wasn’t a sound for
so long. She could hear her breathing, a mouth breather, so she knew she hadn’t
hung up.
“Did he tell you not to ring me through? I don’t like to be put off and he
damned well knows it. Put him on the phone or tell him I’m a’coming down
there to see him.” Suddenly, Bambi sounded less like a Bambi, and more like a
“No. He’s not here. But like I said, if I can take a message for you, I’ll make
sure he ...” Morgan hadn’t just been cut off, but snapped off like a twig.
“I’ll be down there in ten minutes. You tell him so.” And the phone was
suddenly whining at her.

The first thing she did was call David at the front desk. She warned him that
a Ms. Bambi was coming in with a full head of steam and demanding to speak to
Dr. Nickolas Grant. Then, as much as she hated to, she called the man himself.
“Dr. Grant, its Morgan Becky. A Ms. Bambi is on her way to the office
looking for you. She wanted to speak to you. I’ve made her aware that you aren’t
in, but that didn’t seem to stop her. I have let David know of her impending
arrival and her... hummm, mood, as well. Thank you.” Then, she hung up. She
didn’t want to tie up his line, nor the company line, and stated what she needed
Looking at the caller ID, Morgan was surprised that Dr. Grant was calling
back. “Grant Corporations, Morgan Becky speaking. May I help...” She was
surprised when he was nearly spitting he was so angry.
“Don’t you ever fucking hang up on me ag...” She put the phone back on its
cradle. When it rang again, she almost didn’t answer it, but gave in. Maybe it
wasn’t him.
“Grant Corporations, Morgan...”
“I swear to Christ, if you fucking hang up...” She hadn’t done anything
wrong and didn’t believe he had the right to talk to her like that. It wasn’t the
language. She’d been in prison and heard much worse. It was his tone. She hung
up again. After the fourth time, he let her answer before he said anything.
“Grant Corporations, Morgan Becky speaking. May I help you?” She knew it
wasn’t him as soon as she put the receiver to her ear.
“Morgan, I would suggest you not hang up on him again. His face is a shade
of purple I’ve never seen before. Plus, you should see the foam coming from the
corner of his lips.” Byron’s voice was heavily laced with ill suppressed humor.
“Then tell him to talk to me in a civil tone, or not to call at all. I gave him the
information he needed. I’m not very good at cell phones and such. They weren’t
very prevalent when I went in the joint and I’m trying to get used to them. I’ve
had a really good day up until now and he’s not going to come back here and
ruin it. So tell him I said to fuck off, it’s six-thirty and I’m going home.” She hung
up the phone again and shut down his computer. Turned off the lights, locked
the door and walked down the ten flights of stairs to Byron’s apartment. When
she got to the correct floor, she couldn’t get out. The flipping door jammed again.
She sat down on the stairs and started crying.

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“She is not going to be my wife. In any way, Riss.” Riss nodded as Agon started pacing again. “I want to touch her. Feel her body close to mine and kiss her. I have a need to taste her mouth to see if it tastes as good as I think it might. Then there is my body. I cannot control it around her. I run so hot and hard that I feel as if the world knows that I need her in ways that are not right.”
“She will taste better than you can ever dream of, and her body will give you pleasure in ways you cannot imagine.” Agon stared at him for several seconds. “But you cannot touch her. She is your charge. If you do not wish to have her as your wife, then you must not touch her in any way. If you do…if you do, my friend, then there will be no turning back. For the touch of the woman you are to spend your days with will haunt you in ways that will make you want to end your life in order to be with her. Trust me on this. I am well aware of how your body will crave her, and you will stop at nothing to have her again and again.”
“I do not want her.” Riss nodded and could see that Agon was lying to him as much as he was himself. “She is beautiful and stubborn, but I do not want her. But I fear that it might be too late for me.”

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“Do you know what you are to me?” She shook her head as he whispered to her. His mouth was doing incredible things to her and she wanted more. “Mate? You’re my mate. Do you know what that means?”

Her body seemed to come alive at his words. She struggled to pull from him and he let her go, but he didn’t back off. She moved back from him as far as the wall and tried to get her mind to function again. She was not going to be his mate, not any man’s.

“You have to go. I won’t bother you anymore if you do the same for me.” He moved to within a foot of her and she put up her hands. “I don’t want you here. Please, you can’t want me as a mate. I don’t…I’m not even sure that this isn’t some ploy to get what you want. Or money. Is that it?” She looked up at him as he started cursing.
Hunter Emerson and his brothers answered the request of a pack looking for a new Alpha and moved to Sommersville. Since they were all Alphas, Hunter didn’t have the clue that he was the new Alpha until he arrived. It didn’t sit well with him at all that a woman held herself in recluse and wouldn’t answer and pledge herself to the new Alpha. What she could be doing there on that big estate with no one around to witness… His mind reeled with the possibilities―none of them good.
Slone Morris had an understanding with the local pack―leave her alone and she’d let the pack stay on her land free of charge. It was as simple as that. She didn’t deal well with people. But the new Alpha in town wouldn’t take “Fuck off” for an answer.

Slone’s past threatened to rear its ugly head at every turn. There was one―someone she thought she trusted―who didn’t want the past dredged back up. He was determined to stop her―at all cost…

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