Friday, June 1, 2012

Excerpt from Quinn: ~Chapter 1~

Drew listened to her. Well sort of. He was hearing her speak but he wasn’t technically listening to her. Quinn Waite was the bossiest woman he’d ever met.  Next to his boss that is who just happened to be her sister in law, Alyssa Waite.  He’d leave her standing here but he was serving food in the dinner line and couldn’t escape just yet. But when he could, he was out of there.
“You have to make sure that she is safe, Mr. Miller.  Here you go, Sally, have some extra potatoes.  That woman said she’d get her back and we haven’t…there’s cream at the other end, Mr. Bane.  Are you listening to me?”
“Yes. You want me to protect Alyssa who is probably more capable of protecting herself than I am, Sally has extra potatoes even though she didn’t want them and Mr. Bane now has a pocket full of creamers.  Did I miss anything in your tirade?”
She glared and he laughed. It was either that or strangle her.  Quinn was a woman who got things done, he’d give her that. But she wanted it done yesterday and damn the person who didn’t pull their weight.  Drew did, pull his weight but he did things in his own way on his own schedule.  Not that he was lazy or a procrastinator, but he didn’t feel that driving someone nuts to the point of wanting them to murder you was the way to go.
“I don’t like you, Mr. Miller. Not one bit.”
He grinned at her.
 “Well that’s good, Miss Waite, I’d hate for all this hostility to be for nothing.  Or even one sided.  Look, Alyssa is safe. She has a driver everywhere she goes and when she is at home, your brother barely lets her out of his sight.  At the office you’d have to blow the entire building to get to her and—“
“Oh Christ! You don’t think someone will try that do you. You have to put on extra people tonight. Better yet, I’ll do it. And I’ll hire some dogs. They can mill about the lobby sniffing everything that comes in.” When she pulled out her little note book, he snapped.
Taking it from her he tore it in several pieces before he laid it on the counter and picked up the spoon for the mashed potatoes.  Without breaking eye contact with her he dumped the potatoes on the pieces of paper and threw the spoon in the sink.
“I’m going home.  You, Miss Waite are certifiable.  Mr. Bane, put the creamers back and go eat your dinner.”

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