Friday, June 1, 2012

Newsletter in parts.

Welcome to My Monthly Tirade
There are a lot of people who say this.  Me?  I’d like the lots of money part but never having to work again?  I’m not so sure I’d like that.  I need the interaction with people to give “character” to my stories.
Do you write about real people?
Yes, but I change the names to protect the guilty.  Most of the characters in my books are a combo of everyone I meet.  There are a few, especially the bad guys and girls that are people that I’ve encountered over the years who for lack of a better way of getting back at them without ending up on the FBI list I kill off.  Most of them die horrible deaths or get what they have coming to them in the end.
But there are a few, Duncan for example that I keep bringing back book after book that holds a place in my heart.  He is the combination of all my grandchildren and a few adults that I love.  Anyone who’s read Aaron’s Kiss will find him in the kitchen waiting for the next person to join the kiss.
So I need to work at a job that puts me in contact with the people we all love to hate or love. 
Could I make them up?  I suppose but it’s so much more fun to have them to be real.  The person who might have cut me off in traffic, the nurse that seemed to be drilling for oil when she takes my blood or even the boss that makes me want to murder him in his sleep but can’t.  All these are rich with witty lines and sardonic wits.
So would I like to be rich enough to not work outside the home?   Sure, would I?  Hummmm, ask me in a year or two and I might have a different answer.
What I’m Working on Now
I write more than one book at a time.  I actually thought that everyone did that and was surprised to find out they don’t.  I have five going right now…maybe six.
The sequel to Force of Nature finds Gordon getting in over his head with a mate.  Alexis has a few secrets of her own and two aunts that keep poor Phil on the straight and narrow.  (Or so they try.)
Gordon has just retired from the police force to become a part of the growing pack. He’ll answer to two of his brothers, the Alpha Austin and Dallas the enforcer.  He’s excited to start this new adventure.  That is until he meets Alexis Dark.
She owns a herbal shop that specializes in soaps and candles she makes.  It’s hard enough trying to find time to make product for the shop and her online business but having her sisters four children under foot and her two aunts, Gladys and Jessie in the mix she spends more time with them than she does cooking.
Then there is her brother-in-law Patrick “Paddy” Booth who now that he’s a werewolf wants more than she can give. 
Book 12 of the Aaron’s Kiss Series is something that I’ve only just started.  My son-in-law Ben asked about Elizabeth, Mel’s grandmother and how she was created not born.  And wondered if I’d write her story.
I had to take his word for the create part as once I finish a book, I haven’t the slightest clue what it’s about.  When my publisher wants a blurb I have to go and read the story first like a first time reader. 
Anyway, I decided that he might have something there and have been working a bit on it.  I’m not into much of the story yet but I think it will work out.
Royce and Kasey have been there for a little while now.
Royce is a friend of Alexander James.  You’ll remember him from the James Children series.  Alex is Willow’s brother and a cutie with five brothers. 
I don’t know if his brothers will end up in their own book or not yet but maybe.  They have a colorful background too and Royce, of course keeps them in line.  Well, as best he can.
I’ll share a bit of their story here when I can figure out how to do that. This is a cool program and all but the print is way tiny for my old eyes and I think I need to enlarge the type before I try.   
Another story is one that has been brewing for a little while.   I only have a few sentences of it complete but I think it will be something fun.  I can tell you that it’s about humans and that the sex is as steamy as it gets. 
Sometimes I write for the murder.
These are really short stories for system release.  There are days when you just have to let the meanness out and I do it with words.
And if the person really ticks me off, at some point I put them into a bigger story and get it published.  More fun that way and some of the people who read my books ask about them.  I always say the same thing, “I have no idea who that person is” and let it go with that.

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