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Royce The Hunter Series Chapter 19 is ready to read

 Chapter 19  
Gilbert watched his only daughter. She was moving about the street like she fucking owned it. He sneered at the car that pulled up in front of the little store she was coming out of, but stood up straighter when the driver got out and helped her in it. When the hell had she been elevated up to limo status? When the car pulled away he stood watching it for several minutes after it was out of sight. She was hooking was all he could figure. Found herself some rich dude and now she was living the high life. He wondered what her mother would say and realized he had no idea what Leah would have said. Hell, she’d probably been the one to set her kid up so’ins she’d have a nice ride after she was dead. Gilbert wasn’t happy about the turn of events on that either. He knew there’d been an insurance policy. That stupid one, Leah’s sister, had told him that she was going to get her little sister’s watch when she died. It wasn’t until later when he’d seen Suzy at the old people’s home that he realized she’d been talking about a policy. He’d gone to see the girl once a month after that just so’s he’d get some information about them. The idiot had been a fountain of news until last week. “I’m sorry, Mr. Gilbert, but Suzan has been taken to another home. She won’t be coming here any longer as she and her brother have moved further away.” Gilbert nodded, not having a clue what the nurse was yammering about. “The facilities can only take on people of Suzan’s needs when they live within the district, and her family can afford more care for her now.” Now he knew why. That fucking brother of Leah’s was making Gilbert’s own daughter hook for him. And he wasn’t even thinking of sharing in the profits. Gilbert crossed the street and nearly got hit for his trouble. He screamed at the driver to take a care—“veteran walking here”—as he moved to the sidewalk.  “Some people should have better respect for the men who gave up so much for our freedom.” Gilbert turned to look at the person who spoke. “What tour were you in? I’m guessing Desert Storm?” Gilbert hadn’t a clue what this fucker was talking about either. Desert what? He pushed him away from him only just then realizing what he’d been saying. Gilbert threw back his head and laughed. He’d never been in the Army or any other part of the service either. Pansies. All of ‘em, just plain old pansies.  Gilbert pulled out his cell phone and had dialed his daughter’s number four times before he figured out his phone wasn’t working. When he took the battery out twice and tried turning it on, he ended up tossing it into the trash. He just knew it was a conspiracy against him. No one ever helped out anyone anymore.  He thought about flagging down a taxi to get him home, but he didn’t have any cash on him. Grinning, he realized he didn’t ever have any cash on him, but that hadn’t ever stopped him before. It took him twenty minutes to get there, stealing a few apples, a bag of chips, and three beers from the various stores he passed on the way. A brother had to eat and he thought he should have it all for free. There was a pay phone in the lobby of the dump he lived in. It rarely worked and when it did, he usually didn’t have the money to make the call. Today he’d been able to 
get himself a wallet and a ladies purse along with his lunch so he was flush for the minute. Sitting inside the dirty thing, he dialed Kasey’s number and glared at no one in particular when she answered with a growl. “What the hell do you want now? I’ve told you several times that I have no money to give you and even if I did, I wouldn’t. Stop cal—” “You’ll have more respect for your daddy. I’m all you got left. And I don’t believe you about the—” He hated to be cut off when he had something to say and Kasey did it every time she said something to him. He was frankly getting sick of it and when she took a breath from her tirade, he was going to tell her so. But she said something that made him stop to listen. “…married in a few weeks and you are so not welcome in that life either. I don’t know where you get off thinking you are going to get daddy of the year from me, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t want you around me or my family.” “I am your family, damn it, and it’s high time you started acting like it.” Before she could tell him something again, he went on. “And what the fuck do you mean you’re a getting married? You ain’t had no man ask me for your hand. What the hell is that—” Her shrill laughter broke him off. Of all the nerve of her, he thought. If she was here right now, he’d whoop her ass for her and then he’d—  Gilbert wasn’t really sure what a man could do to his grown daughter, but didn’t say anything as she continued to laugh. “You might want to stay away from my future husband, daddy dearest. I’m pretty sure he’ll knock you on your lazy ass as soon as you open your mouth about ‘whooping’ my ass.” She took a deep breath. He could almost see her building up some steam to have another go. “You are not anything to me. As far as I’m concerned, you are nothing to me.” “Now see here, you can’t go talking—” “I want you out of my life, Gilbert. And I mean forever this time. I only let you come around out of respect for mom, but that ends now.” The phone went dead and he sat there staring at if for a full five minutes before he hung it up. He staggered his way to the stairs—the elevator never worked anyway—and went down the hall to his room.  “Girl oughta have more respect for the man that sired her,” he mumbled to himself. “What’s this world comin’ to when a kid thinks they can get off talking—” “Mr. MacDonald, Gilbert MacDonald?” Gilbert looked at the man standing there in his fancy suit and briefcase. “Are you Gilbert MacDonald?” “Tell me what you want him for and I’ll let you know if’n it’s me or not.” Gilbert glared at the man. “You look like one of them fancy lawyer types. That what you are?” “My name is Daniel Hunter and yes, I am an attorney.” The man stepped toward Gilbert and he took a hasty step back. “I have a restraining order here. Well, two of them. I’m serving you.” Gilbert put his hands behind his back when the two dark envelopes were thrust at him. “I ain’t takin them. Who you trying to keep me from and why come? I ain’t done nothing to anyone.” At least he thought not where anyone would have seen him. 
“The first is Kasey Marie York. The second is Suzan York, sister of Leah and Jason York, aunt to Kas—” “I know who the fuck they be. I’m related to them people, why they thinking of keeping me away? I ain’t gonna have no piece of paper tell me that I can’t see my own kin.” Especially not now, not when they’d done this to him. “’Sides, who’s gonna know you gave me them papers anyways? There ain’t no one here but the two of us.” The man nodded and Gilbert heard a sound behind him. He turned slowly to see three very large, very muscled men standing there. One of them had a camera or something pointed right at them. “This is my friend Jared Stone and his foreman Thomas Conley. The one holding the camera is Royce, my brother. He is the one I’d be afraid of if I were you.” Daniel grinned. “He wants you to be pissy about this and try to…what did you call it, Royce?” “Try to fuck with Kasey again. She and I have come to an understanding. I understand that you’re a fucking piece of shit and she understands that if you come near her again, I’m going to.” At this point, the man shrugged. “I’m going to fuck you up. Badly.” Gilbert thought it was the grin that terrified him the most. The man looked like he’d gladly tear his throat out and then piss in the open sore and he’d said it with a calmness and a very matter of fact way that Gilbert had no doubt that he’d do just what he said he would. Gilbert took another step back and hit the wall behind him. The envelopes were shoved in his hands as he worried about whether or not he was going to piss himself or not. Before he could get a grip on his bladder and his terror, Royce stepped forward. “Here.” Something else was shoved in his hands. “There’s ten grand there. If I were you, I’d leave town. Tonight. And I’d never look back. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll live much longer if you don’t.” “You can’t go threatening a man. ‘Specially if’n it’s being taped.” At least Gilbert thought you couldn’t. When Royce stepped closer, Gilbert pissed himself. “Stay away from my wife. If I even hear that you breathed in her direction, I will hunt you down, cut you to pieces, and throw your worthless piece of shit hide all over the ground and let the rats eat what’s left.”  Gilbert heard some movements and it was then that he realized that at some point, he’d closed his eyes. Opening them one at a time slowly, he saw that he was alone in the hall. Still holding the envelopes and the cash in his hands, he tried five times to get his key in the lock before he got inside.  Throwing anything he could wrap his hands around in the trash can in his room, Gilbert was out the door again and heading down the stairs less than five minutes after he had his “close encounter.” Flagging down the first taxi he saw, he was heading toward anywhere he could before looking down at the money. There was a lot of it too. Mostly twenties, but there were a lot of fifties and a few hundreds as well. He straightened it all up and put it in various places on his person. He being a thief made him know where to hide money when it was necessary. By the time the taxi pulled in front of the airport, Gilbert had convinced himself that Royce had offered him a vacation and that it was going to be all paid by him. He was back to his old self again by the time he made it up to the counter.  
“Jamaica. I need to get me some time in the sun and quit this here place.” He paid for his ticket and was pleased to see he’d have lots to play on. He had a second or two of thinking that he’d hit his good buddy Royce up for some more if’n he needed it, but dismissed that idea right away. “Don’t wanna wear out the welcome rug, not with him a marryin’ my daughter. Nope, I think I’ll find myself a good job and live the high life.” Gilbert was settled on the plane before he remembered his wet pants. Hell, he thought, I’ll buy me some new ones when I get meself settled. Gilbert was going to be a happy man, he thought about himself.  ~~~ Daniel had watched the man leave the cheap hotel. He was sitting in his car with his friends when his cell phone went off. He smiled when he saw who it was. “Hello, sweetheart. What’s going on?” Kasey snorted. “You really should try and stop that before the baby comes. What’ll you say to him if you hear him do that?” “I’ll say that it’s the easiest way to convey that the person you’re talking to knows you think he is full of shit. What have you done, Daniel Anthony Hunter? And do not tell me nothing. I’m a lot smarter than you think I am and apparently, you think I’m fairly stupid.” He knew that someone had told her about her father. Royce was going to kill him for this because he’d promised his brother that she’d never find out. He tried to think of something that would get him in the least amount of trouble. “I thought it was the best way to keep you safe. I didn’t want anything to happen to you and my nephew.” Silence. “Kasey? Are you mad at me?” Still nothing, but he could hear voices in the background and then those too were muffled. When she came back on the line, he closed his eyes against the sudden headache he could feel coming on. “Yes,” she said with laughter. “Yes, furious. Now tell me what you did so that I can get over it and we can move on. And if you don’t tell me right now, I’m going to figure it out, be pissed at you more, and it will hurt our relationship from now on. So, just spill it.” Daniel spilled it. Even his brother’s part in it. She didn’t ask many questions, but she did tisk at him several times. By the time he was finished he had watched her father go to the airport and buy a ticket. He was about ready to board the plane when she spoke. “Where are you now?” He told her. “I see. And Royce, is he with you? Or is he making sure he’s on the plane and not just pretending?” “He had a meeting at the office. I volunteered to watch and make sure.” He swallowed hard. “Are you really pissed off?” She didn’t say anything for several seconds. It seemed an eternity, but it really was only seconds. He’d watched his watch to be sure.  “I should be, you know.” He didn’t let go of the breath he was holding. “I should be with both of you. But I can’t be. I know…he would have come and come again until one or all of you would have killed him.” He knew that was what Royce had said he’d do. Daniel wanted to believe that his brother wouldn’t kill anyone, but he’d seen the look in his eye when he’d talked about Kasey. Getting out of his car, he walked to the gates and watched the planes take off. His friend at the counter gave him the flight number and a short nod.  
“He’s gone. And I don’t expect him to return. Not for a long while anyway.” Daniel nodded at Jared and Conley and they started back toward town with Jared driving much too fast. “I’ll be at the office later if you want to talk.” “Oh you can bet on that. But first, I have to hunt down my maybe future husband and give him a hard time about this.” Her laughter made him feel a little better. “Daniel?” “Yes, love.” He was smiling then, feeling like he’d conquered the whole world. “What is it?” “You do anything like this again, ever, and I will find you, cut your nuts off to your dick, and serve it to you with vegetables.” Then the line went dead. Daniel put his phone on the seat beside him and took several deep breaths. Christ almighty, that was scarier than anything he’d ever heard before. He knew it was something that she’d try her best to carry out and thought that was what scared him the most. 

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Leonard Earl wants no part of Rembrandt’s rag tag team of saviors. Before the cancer he’d been happy teaching children. But when the mysterious man in black shows up in his hospital room and heals him, he has no choice but to join the group. No one says he has to like it. 

Jamey has been on her own awhile. It doesn’t take her long to figure out she is different, and that the malefactors can’t change her into one of them. Since the malefactors have taken over her town, she spends her days picking them off with her bow and arrows, or delivering food and water to the remaining survivors. 

Jamey’s body is also a “host” to a dragon that has been with her for as long as she can remember. He protects her and keeps her safe…. The dragon is leading Jamey to the man he is destined to transfer to. He tells her together they will balance. Jamey is willing to take the dragon wherever he needs to go, but the man she wants no part of…. She will miss her friend. 

Leo is none too happy to find out that Jamey is bringing the dragon to him and the discovery that she is his mate. He’s already had a woman break his heart and wants no part of this mate business. He takes the dragon to save her life, but that’s where it ends…or does it? 

The malefactors are increasing in number and they need to stand together to defeat them. Jamey sees her chance and takes it to defeat their enemy. Will Leo make the ultimate sacrifice to save her? Find out in the next installment of Blood Brotherhood―Leonard. 

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Awnia is a Sun Goddess, cursed by her mother, Temptress, to never find a mate. She was cast down to Earth to make her way among humans, and always hiding from her mother’s wrath. Awnia is trapped by a man she calls Hatter, a sadistic creep, whose intent is to kill her once and for all−Temptress promised to pay him well. The wave of magic that hits Awnia hurts her bad this time, and if she doesn’t get away she will die. The only thing she knows to do is to call out to her old friend Vinnie. His fire is the only thing that will heal her wounds. 
Russel Hawkmen, Hawk to his friends, receives a message from Samuel that Vinnie needs his help to rescue an old friend. Vinnie’s dragon and his mate are already on the way to find Awnia, but he can’t communicate with her while in his dragon form. He needs Hawk’s special skills to find her. 
From the moment Hawk’s lips take Awnia’s he knows she’s his mate. A mate he never thought to find. But Awnia isn’t so sure and she doesn’t want to find out. She likes the shape shifter, and if he isn’t her true mate, the test will destroy him…. 
Legend says that with a mate she will be strong enough to defeat Temptress. But she can’t take that chance−she loves him too much…. Will Temptress win after all? Find out in the final installment of Samuel’s Pride−Hawk.

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Fated Destiny: Trapped
And just like that, it all come flooding back to her. Everything. The crash, the sex. Even the way he’d made her feel when he came inside of her. Andrea could hear him screaming at her now, his voice in her head telling her to calm down….
Trevor was a wolf on a mission. They had his mate and he wanted her back―now.…

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