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Royce The Hunter Series Chapter Five is ready to read

Chapter 5
Royce pulled back from her mouth regretfully. He couldn’t help but take another taste before he stood back. Then he nearly took another taste when she moaned again. Christ, the woman tasted like sex and heat all rolled into one. He watched her expression change from dreamy to pissed in a few seconds. Damn, she was amazing, and he found himself wanting to see her going from pissed to dreamy this time. He watched her face and knew the exact moment when she was herself again.
“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t just kiss me like that. I told you before to get out of here and don’t come back.”
He grinned at her. “You behave or I won’t kiss you again. Now, we have some things to discuss. It’s about your position in my company.” Her sputtering nearly had him laugh, but he wasn’t that stupid.
“Kiss me ag—are you insane? You most certainly will not be kissing me again. And for the hundredth time, I don’t work for you. I was fired before that idiot hit me and even if I hadn’t signed off on it, I still wouldn’t work for you.” She pulled the covers up over her shoulder and glared at him. “You’re nuts.”
“Most likely. But that doesn’t mean that you didn’t enjoy it. You kissed me back, Miss York. And did a damned fine job of it too. I liked the way your tongue swept over mine. The way your warm breath tickled my cheek when you moaned. Damned if I don’t want to taste you again.” As he leaned in to take another nibble, she pushed her hand against his chest.
“Don’t you dare.”
Royce felt his cock harden. Her voice, low and hot, made the skin on his body seem to come alive and his blood to run like hot lava through his veins. He couldn’t have stopped now if his life depended on it. “Kiss me, Kasey,” he whispered to her. “Kiss me again and let me feel your need. Please, baby.” He ran his tongue along her lower lip before he ran it along the seam of her lips. “Let me in, love. You know you want to.”
When she opened under his teasing, he touched his lips to hers. Soft and firm, warm and cool. He was amazed at how many different sensations a person could feel from a kiss. But he should have known she was giving in too easily. He barely escaped from her mouth before she bit down at his tongue. As it was, he got a nip on his lip.
“Damn it, woman, that hurt. You could have just said no.” He stepped back when she reached for his groin. Somehow, he knew if she got him there, he’d be lucky if he’d be able to piss much less father children.
“I told you no. I’ve been telling you no for a week. What do you need, visual aids? Just leave me alone.”
He heard the small sob in her voice and nearly stepped to her again, but her look stopped him. She pulled the blanket over her head this time and he had no choice but to leave. He needed to think anyway. Things were going much too fast, even for him. “I’ll be back later. I have something for you and neither of us is in the mood to discuss it right now. I’ll be…I’ll bring my brother back. That way if you try to have your way with me again, I’ll have someone there to save me.”
He had no idea why he’d made that parting shot, but he got a laugh out of her growling at him. Had something bigger than a pillow been close, he was sure she’d have thrown that at him instead.
Royce left her room and walked to the elevator. She affected him like no other woman had and he wasn’t sure he liked it. He really didn’t dislike it because she did bring out feelings in him he’d never had before. He really wasn’t sure he liked himself, either, for trying to make her do things she didn’t want. He had the limo take him to work and then he had a meeting he had to go to later. One that he hoped would take his mind off the beauty in the hospital. He was sitting at the long conference table when his mother, his brother Curtis, and Charles came into the room.
Curtis was the company lawyer and Daniel was their personal one. Having two lawyers in the family gave them everything they needed and then some. Jesse had become the law enforcement part of the company, including any Internet security problems they might encounter. Also the laws governing trade that way. And Royce supposed people would say he was the money maker, though all of them were wealthy. Royce had learned at his mother’s feet how to buy and sell not only on the market, but also in businesses. Royce, the oldest, had taken over the company when their mom semi-retired five years ago. And he’d been making money since.
Curtis gave them all a copy of the paperwork on the newest acquisition that Hunter Corporation was taking on and settled back to explain any and everything that the paperwork entailed. He was a very detailed person and Royce knew without reading the sheets in front of him that everything would be covered and they’d have every loophole buried so deep that it would take another fantastic lawyer like him to find it.
“We purchased the Benton Works for one point three million dollars and your back taxes will be paid with a portion of the proceeds,” Curtis said to Charles. “As soon as we are made aware that the taxes have been paid, we’ll take possession immediately and shut it down. After thirty days the building will reopen and any and all employees of the aforementioned building will be rehired at that time. You, Benton, will pay their unemployment wages until that time.”
“Tell me again why I’m paying their wages? I could care less how they make their money. I won’t own the fucking building any more. Why should I care where they work?” Charles really was a self righteous bastard most of the time.
“Because,” Curtis said with a bite to his voice, “it’s part of the deal. And frankly, Benton, I could care less if you make a thin dime off this sale, but you will do it as we’ve lain out or the IRS steps in and takes everything else you have.”
“You should have been a lot nicer to the people you used on your way up the ladder, Charles, and maybe a few of them would have helped you out on your way down.” Annamarie smiled as she spoke to him. When Charles stood up both he and Curtis stepped in front of him. “See, my sons love and respect me. You have nothing. And at the rate you’re going, you never will.”
“So this is revenge? This whole thing has been about Jessica? My God, woman, she was knocked up. What the hell was I supposed to do, support her and her bastard kids?”
“Yes. It’s called being a parent. Sign the papers, Charles, before I go after a few more of your businesses.”
Charles snatched up the paper and signed where each tab had been marked. Then he did the same for the other two copies. One would be filed in the courthouse, another would go to the files in the Hunter Corporation, and the final copy would be held until Charles paid his taxes. Once he’s signed off Curtis nodded to his mother.
Royce braced himself for the explosion. This was the part where their mother announced what the Benton building was going to be used for. It was the only reason they’d purchased the building, to rub his nose in what he’d done.
“The Jessica Home for Unwed Mothers thanks you, Charles. I’m going to make sure that each woman that comes through our doors knows the reason why we’re here and why it’s named after your daughter.” Anger boiled off the man the moment their mother finished speaking.
“You fucking bitch. This has been because I wouldn’t let my daughter have a bastard child?” When Charles stood this time, so did Annamarie. “I’ll get you for this. See that I don’t.”
“I’m not sure how much getting you’ll think you can do from prison, Charles. Last I heard, the IRS is going to seize all your properties.” His mother smiled at Benton before she sat back down. “Why, I was able to purchase your home on Wilson for a song. Seems when you make a reasonable offer, the government doesn’t mind a few taxes being not paid.”
Before he could make another step toward her the door opened and three men from the security team walked in to escort him out. When the door closed behind them Royce looked over at his mom. “You really bought his house? I hear that’s a really beautiful home. Congratulations. “
“Yes, it is pretty. It’s your wedding present if you ever get married. You’re the only one still living in an apartment and I thought you could use it. Curtis helped me get it when things started to turn sour for Charles. Poor man, but he made his bed, now he must lie in it.” She sat back in her chair and looked him straight in the eye. “Got any prospects in mind?”
Royce frowned when the first name that popped in his head was Kasey. He’d not known the girl all that long and had only kissed her once…well, twice if you counted when she’d tried to take his tongue off with her teeth. But to his mom he simply answered no. “I don’t think I ever want to tie myself down. It’s hard enough to be single. I can’t imagine what it would be like married with a woman dragging you down all the time.” Royce stood before she could comment. “I have to get some work done if we’re going to have dinner this weekend. Thanks for the house, Mom. I love you for it.”
He was sitting in his office an hour later with the same report in front of him. He didn’t know what he’d been thinking of, but he knew it wasn’t work. Royce looked up when Jesse walked in after a hard knock.
“You know that girl…Officer York, that was hurt the other week?” he asked as a greeting. Royce nodded, almost afraid to know what she’d done now. “Did you know she has a degree in Business Management?”
Royce didn’t, but only shook his head. “Every person who gets out of college now days has some kind of Business degree. What of it?”
“Not a Bachelors, but a Masters degree. And she has another in Law Enforcement. Her minor both times has been another language. One is Spanish and the other is Chinese. She’s a smart cookie.”
Royce was shocked. He didn’t think Kasey was stupid, but to have two Masters Degrees as young as she was couldn’t have been easy. Royce wondered aloud why she worked for them as a security guard and wasn’t running some corporation.
“Don’t know. Her file didn’t say. But I will tell you this, as soon as she gets up and about, I’m going to ask her out.” Jesse stood to leave. “She’s a cutie and Mom likes her.”
Royce didn’t move. He wanted to go after his brother and tell him…tell him what? Leave her alone? Enjoy dating her? Royce didn’t like either thought. He didn’t want to date her and he didn’t want his brother to either. He grabbed up his coat to go and have a few words with Miss York. He didn’t know what, but he was going to talk to her about something. He was halfway to the hospital when his phone rang.
“She’s gone. She checked herself out of the hospital about ten minutes ago,” Abby said. “I went to lunch and when I returned, she’d already done it. Did you know that you can get AMA forms off the Internet? She had them signed and gave them to the head nurse when her uncle showed up to get her.”
“Son of a bitch.”
Jay watched his niece very carefully. She was upset, that was for sure. But about what, he didn’t know. She was talking to Suzy like she always did, but he could hear the strain in her voice.
They were coloring at the makeshift table when Suzy began to cry. “No, no, no. Suzy want red. Want red. Want red.”
“All right, but you know that you can’t have it until you calm down. I won’t play with you if you can’t behave.” Kasey held the red crayon in her hand just so that Suzy could see it. “You want it, you can’t act like a spoiled baby.”
“Want. Suzy want.” When Suzy stood up and stomped her foot, Jay started to move toward her. She wouldn’t hurt Kasey under normal circumstances, but since she was hurt, it would be bad. But Kasey held her ground.
“I have it and if you want it, you know what you have to do.” Suzy stood there glaring down at her niece.
Jay had been caring for his sister since their parents died nearly ten years ago. Suzy had Down’s syndrome. And at fifty-one years old and nearly two hundred and fifty pounds, she was like a very big eight-year-old with the strength of a grown woman. But she loved Kasey, loved her since the day Leah had brought her home from the hospital. And Kasey had been caring for her aunt since she figured out how to.
“I like red. It’s pretty like the flowers.” Jay had to smile at his sister’s reasoning. “You need to let Suzy color with it. Please.”
There was a knock at the door before Kasey answered. But before he left the room, he saw Kasey hand the coveted crayon over to her. The laughter followed him into the front hall. Peace once again reigned. Well, for now, he thought when he saw who was on his front porch.
“Mr. Hunter. How are you tonight? I didn’t…” Jay looked back behind him, sudden dawning hitting him. “She didn’t tell you. She told me that you knew she was coming here.”
“No, I didn’t. I told her to stay there until the doctor released her. She needs proper medical care and I’ve come to take her back so that she can get it.”
Jay nodded. Not that he was agreeing with the man, but he knew why she’d left and he almost understood it. “You telling her to do something is the same thing as telling her to do the opposite, you know. Kasey always has been stubborn like that. The sure way to get her to do something is to tell her she can’t. Works nearly all the time.”
Laughter from the living room had him turning. He was worried about leaving them alone so he thought to get rid of the man before Kasey figured out he was here.
“Look, Mr. Hunter, she’s here now and doing fine. I can’t—” A crash had him nervous. “I have to go. You see yourself out.”
The scene in the living room wasn’t a bad as he’d imagined. The small table that had been set up for the coloring books had been knocked over and Suzy had moved to the television. Kasey was lying back on the couch with her arm over her eyes, but she didn’t appear to be hurt. Jay moved toward the mess, intending to clear it up. Royce took that moment to start into Kasey.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing? I told you to stay at the hospital. Don’t you listen to a damned thing anyone tells you?”
“You didn’t tell me anything, you arrogant ass, you ordered. I don’t take orders from you or anyone else. And what the hell are you doing here anyway? I thought you’d be thrilled not to have to bother with me anymore.”
“No. No, no, no, no.” Suzy put her hands over her ears and started rocking. “No, no, no, no, no.”
“Now look what you did. You’ve upset my aunt. Get out.” Kasey tried to move, but cried out in pain when she did. Jay dropped the books he had and started to go and help her, but Royce was there before he was. Jay watched as the man paled and seemed terrified. Interesting, he thought.
“What is it? Tell me what…are you hurting? Damn it, Kasey, you have several broken ribs. They could be back in your lungs if you don’t lay still.”
“Go away,” Kasey whispered. “Please, you’re upsetting her.”
Jay moved to his sister. “Come on, Suzy, let’s you and I go and make some dinner. Royce, will you stay?”
“No. I want to stay, too. Sit. I’ll be good.” Suzy pointed to the chair next to him and Royce looked at it.
“I’d like to sit next to Kasey for a few minutes, please. She’s hurt and I want to make sure she’s all right.” Royce didn’t raise his voice like some people did when dealing with Suzy. As if raising your voice would make her understand better.
“Royce, I’m going in the kitchen. Kasey needs her pain pills. If Suzy gets out of hand, yell. I’ll come back and get her.” Jay walked to the kitchen and picked up the house phone. He called Leah. “You’re not going to guess who’s here. Royce Hunter. He’s watching over our Kasey.”
“Has he hit her yet?” Leah asked with mirth. “Those two are like two sticks of dynamite ready to explode. He kissed her today, did I tell you?”
She had, but he let her tell him again. Jay leaned his head against the cabinet above the phone and listened to her. He loved his sister very much and knew he was going to miss her more than he could imagine.
“You should come over and eat with us. I have plenty. I made spaghetti and meatballs. There’s a salad too.”
“No, I’m sort of tired tonight. I think I’ll go to bed soon. But you call me tomorrow and tell me how it went. And Jay…”
“Yes, love.”
“Don’t you dare say a word to him if he wants to spend the night. She’s in no shape to have sex and maybe she’ll sleep better if he’s there.”
Jay laughed. “Honey, you know as well as I do if they want to have sex, all the casts in the world aren’t going to stop them. But I won’t. And I’ll call you tomorrow.” He let the tears fall. Leah was his baby sister and he’d do anything in the world for her, but there wasn’t a damned thing he could do about this. He turned to finish up dinner as he thought about the couple in the other room.
He’d worked for the Hunter Corporation since before his own Jean had died some twenty years ago. Their marriage hadn’t been a great one, not even a good one, but it had been fair. Jean had never cared for Suzy and she knew it. When Suzy had had some difficult days, Jean would lock her in the closet and leave her there. It wasn’t until he’d come home from work early to see it for himself that he’d forbidden her to do it again. After that, Jay had asked for help from the local church and Suzy would spend the day with some of the ladies there. She’d grown to love them.
Then Leah had gotten sick after his Jean had died in an automobile accident in icy weather all those years before. Kasey had come home and held them all together. To this day he had no idea what she’d given up to come home to help and she wouldn’t tell him either. From Leah, all he’d gotten was that she was happier here.
When dinner was ready he went back into the other room. He stood in the doorway and watched Royce with Suzy. When he noticed Jay standing there he nodded over to Kasey.
“She’s hurting. Do you think she can have something now?” Jay knew it was bad when she didn’t argue. He handed the water and pain pills to Royce and took Suzy to the kitchen. He came in just as they were finishing up. “I’d like to stay tonight. She’s asleep now, but when she wakes I want to see if I can convince her to come back to the hospital with me.” Royce sat down. “Or bring her back to my house. I can hire someone to keep an eye on her. She won’t be happy, but I’ll know she’s fine.”
“You love Kasey. She’s my favorite. I love her more than chocolate. You love her too.”
Royce stared at Suzy, but made no comment. Jay didn’t either. The man simply looked pole axed, but about what Jay couldn’t say. He showed Royce where to take Kasey and let him settle her in her big bed. He just hoped they all weren’t making a mistake.

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While attending college at fifteen, she’d formed a deep friendship with Rider Lanning. He was the brother she never had and one of the few people she knew she could trust…. They hadn’t spoken in years. How did he know to contact her now? The gunshot wound was bad…she wouldn’t last much longer…. She wanted to tell him that she’d left him everything…the money…the houses…. She was too weak, she lost the connection before she could tell him about the most important thing…take care of her son. 

Carter Lanning had withdrawn from his family. The rescue mission where they had to recover a busload of children from a mudslide had taken a toll on him emotionally. He hadn’t expected the little girl he pulled out of the mud to be alive only to die in his arms. She haunted his dreams…she’d called him Daddy and died. 

Carter knew that Rider’s friend was in critical condition in their Leap’s medical facility. They had taken her there to keep her hidden from whoever shot her. What surprised him was that the boy Rider had in the cafeteria carried the scent of his mate. 

Carter had a mate…and a son. He couldn’t be happier. They would be his forever. They would do as he says and he would protect them always…. 

“My family are leopards, and not without the means to keep you safe. You’ve met Linyah and the rest of my family. We can help you, but you’re going to have to listen to every word I say from now on.” 

Saying nothing, she turned from him. He was an ass and full of himself. If he thought that she’d been just sitting around waiting for him to come along and rescue her and Max, he was dumber than the people who thought she’d give up without a fight. 

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