Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chapter Seven Is Now Available To Read 6/21/14

Damon stared at the gun, then at the woman. Damn, but she was feisty. He
couldn’t help it. He threw back his head and laughed. Still seemly lounging in
the chair, he reached up and snatched the gun from her hand.
“If you’re going to hold a gun on someone, you need to make sure that they
can’t see it’s a squirt gun and it doesn’t have an orange tip at the end. Now, get
your happy ass in that bed before you fall over.”
Damon watched her face. He looked for any sign that she was going to try
something equally stupid as the gun, but she just stood there. When he stood up,
she scrambled back several steps and he could see the pain this caused her, but
he was either going to have to intimidate, or pick her up to get her into the bed.
Neither was she going to like.
“I hate you.” She stood there, glaring at him for a long time. He had to admit
that she was pretty good at it, rivaled only by his mother. His mom could tear
the skin right off of you with a look.
“Bed, Morgan, or I pick you up and put you there.” The anger and fear that
came into her eyes nearly made him relent, but he needed her to lie down before
she fell down. She turned around and hobbled to the bed, her posture stiff and
Morgan had just managed to get across the room when her door flew open.
His brothers never made anything but a grand entrance. His mom came in right
behind them, fussing at Byron about his lack of pants without holes in them. She
took one look at Morgan and turned her attention to her.
“Oh you poor baby. Come on now. Let’s get you back to bed. Why is she
dressed? You can’t think you’re going anywhere, not like this. Why, you can
barely walk. Damon, what have you been doing to her?”
He just looked at his mom and scolded. “Me? I haven’t done anything. I told
her to stay in bed, and then she got up anyway. Which, I must say, impressed the
hel…heck out of me. She is one stubborn little girl.”
Damon grinned at Morgan when she looked ready to hit him. He simply
couldn’t help himself. Damn, but that girl had spunk.
“He didn’t do anything but keep me here and I’m sure that wasn’t his first
idea. I want you people to leave me alone, damn it! I am a grown woman! You
have to have another person you can annoy the shit out of because I have had
enough. Now, get out! Fucking get out!”
Damon shifted his astonishment between the two women. His brothers were
doing the same. He was sure at any moment the fireworks were going to start.
And, damn, Nicky boy was missing it all.
“No, I don’t have anyone right at the moment. You’ll just have to put up
with me. Boys, leave us, please. I’d like to talk to Morgan alone.”
Damon looked over at Morgan and saw her turn her back on them. He
wasn’t sure if he should have been pissed or impressed with her. Once in the
hall, he walked down to his brother’s room to fill him in. Grinning like an idiot,
he walked in Nicky’s room and bellowed, “You are not going to fucking believe
that girl!”
“Nicky, what the hell are you doing now?”
Damon had just relayed the fight between Ms. Becky and his mom and he
expected him to just lie there? Not bloody likely.
“I’m going down there and kick her ass is what I’m gonna do. Move.” Nick
was out the door and down the hall before he had the last button done up on his
robe. He was ten feet from the room when he heard the yelling. He nearly kicked
in the door, but paused.
“I only want to help you! What is so hard to believe...?”
“Help me? Help me? I needed help five years ago, Mrs. Parker. Not now. I
needed help when that bastard had me tied to the wall. When he raped me every
fucking day for nine days. I needed help then when he sold me to his friends,
giving them the opportunity to rape me as well. ‘Have a little fun with the little
cunt she has,’ he said as a selling point. And when he tired of using his dick, he’d
ram whatever was around into me, over and over until the blood would soak his
hand. Do you know what this is? It’s a perfect imprint of his teeth; yeah, he’d bite
me hard enough to leave a reminder. I have several of them all over my body.
Then there are the cigar burns, the lighter burns. He tried to set fire to my pubic
hair once to see if it would burn faster than my head hair. Good thing the blood
was too fresh to get it going, huh? Help me? I want to die, Ms. Parker. Will you
help me with that?”

“That’s enough.” Nick didn’t remember walking into her room, but was
there suddenly. His mom looked like she had been pole axed, and Morgan
looked defeated.
“Oh, Nickolas, I...I think...” He encircled his mom in his arms when she
threw herself at him. He held her while she cried. He watched Morgan move to
the bed and slowly work her way onto it. When she was able to get atop it, she
pulled the sheet up to her chin and looked off into the room.
“Mom, go outside with Damon and the others. I’d like a few words with
Morgan in private please.” He pushed her along into his brother’s arms and
waited for them the close the door behind them before going over to the chair by
the bed.
Nick didn’t know what to say. No words, no thought, nothing. He sat there
for several minutes before he thought he could speak.
“Do you need anything right now?” He winced at the question. How was
she supposed to answer that? he wondered.
“Go away. I want to be left alone. Just, please go away.” His heart clenched
at the sound of her voice. It was broken and low, defeated and sad all at once.
“All right. For now. I’ll be back as soon as I see to my mom. Morgan, I...” He
watched as she rolled over to her other side and huddled under the blanket. She
moaned softly, and he could tell that she was crying. Her shoulders were
For reasons he didn’t want to think about, her tears bothered him more than
his mother’s had.

Tune in next week for chapter Eight

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