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CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE is Now Available To Read 

“Becky Morgan? Ms. Becky Morgan?” The nurse had to shout to be heard
above the din.
“That’s me, well, sort of. It’s Morgan Becky; Morgan is my first name, not my
last.” The clinic was extremely busy today. She had been there since eight this
morning and it was now going on two. Her back hurt and she had to pee really,
really bad. The lady at the desk had told her if she missed when they called her
name, she would have to start at the top again. So she wasn’t chancing starting
this day all over.
“It says right here that it’s Becky Morgan. I don’t see nothing that says
Morgan Becky.” The woman looked to be in her mid-twenties, Morgan thought.
She was chewing gum and popping it like it was going to be the next Olympic
sport and she was going for the gold.
“No, it says Becky comma Morgan. The form said to give last name first, the
first name last. That’s what I did. So it’s Morgan Becky. Sorry.”
“Really, that’s a comma? Well, duh. Look, I don’t care what your friggin’
name is. You wanna go see the doctor or not, Miss Becky comma Morgan?” Miss
Steele comma Linda was gonna get her nose punched if she didn’t take it down a
notch, thought Morgan.
“I want to see the doctor, please.” She followed her back to a little room and
was told to sit. When Morgan had asked if she could use the bathroom first,
Linda didn’t answer but left her sitting there.
Morgan had gone to see all the doctors on the list that Damon had given her.
Two of them had refused to take her as a patient because she was uninsured. The
third one had told her that she needed to pay up front. She couldn’t do that, she
told him. He had suggested that she take out a loan to pay the bill. And just what
was she supposed to use as collateral, her belly?
The fourth doctor had a waiting list until mid-May. She’d be about seven
months by then and she didn’t think that would be very smart. The last doctor, a
Dr. Simon, was nice enough, but he was really expensive and she didn’t know
how she could afford to see him and eat too. But she’d made an appointment for
next month all the same.
When the door to the office opened and Dr, Clare stepped in, Morgan was
almost relieved. Almost.
“Ms. Morgan. I understand you got smart with one of my staff. I don’t want
smart asses in my clinic. Your type of people think that just because it’s free you
can treat anyone how you want. That’s not the way things are done here.”
“I didn’t get smart with anyone. I just corrected her when she said my name
wrong. It’s Morgan Becky, not Becky Morgan. And just what ‘type’ is my kind?”
“You will tone down that attitude right now, or I’ll have your butt back in
prison so fast your head will spin.”
Morgan sat there for several seconds just looking at Dr. Clare. Prison. If it
wasn’t for the fact that having the baby in prison went against everything she
knew, she’d let her. Instead, she leaned over and picked up her bag and left the
office. She didn’t need prenatal care that badly.
“Don’t bother coming back here either!” was shouted down the hall after her.
She didn’t even look back, but raised her hand and flipped her off. Maybe it was
childish, she thought, but it was the first smile she’d had since she’d found out
she was going to have a baby.
“Dr. Grant? I’m a processor; I have a registered letter for you.” Nick and
Damon were just leaving Nick’s apartment when the man showed up. Nick
looked at his brother.
“Is there a first name? We’re both Dr. Grant.” Ever helpful Damon. He
couldn’t think of any reason why he’d be served, so it had to be for Damon.
“Ah, yeah... Hummm... I have to call the office. I can’t read this here name.
Hang on a second.” As the man stepped away and pulled out his cell phone,
Nick looked at his brother.
Something was up. He looked...nervous. Oh no, he thought, Damon is in
trouble. Someone was suing him for malpractice or something. Shit. He was just
pulling out his own cell when the man came back.
“Nickolas. It’s for Nickolas Grant. That either of you two?” To say that Nick
was shocked would have been an understatement. It wasn’t until Damon
nudged him that he realized that he hadn’t answered him.
“Yes. Me, that’s me, Are you sure it’s for Nickolas, not Damon? I can’t think
why the law firm of...Sugar and Sugar would be contacting me?” Why did that
name sound familiar? he wondered.
“Thanks, asshole. Just tip the man and let’s go get some dinner. I’m starving
and you owe me ribs.” Damon poked him in the ribs as he walked away.
Nick signed the receipt for the letter and moved to the elevator where
Damon was waiting. He stuck the letter in his jacket pocket and stepped on
when the doors opened. Sugar. Who was Sugar? he thought.
“Are you going to open it? Might be important.”
He looked over at his brother again. He knew. He didn’t know how he knew,
but Damon knew what the letter was about.
“Why don’t you tell me what it says and I won’t have to bother?”
“How the hell should I know what it says? Just open the fucking thing and
let’s forget about it.”
Ah, Damon was not only nervous, but he was snarky as well. He pulled out
the letter and handed it to him. “Read it. Tell me what it says then.” This was a
joke one or all of them were pulling on him. His birthday was tomorrow, and
they thought they’d have fun at his expense. He watched Damon’s face as he
debated with himself and finally tore it open. “Damon?” He had fallen back
against wall when he opened the letter and, just like that, Nick knew that it
wasn’t a joke.
“It’s to inform you that Morgan Becky is pregnant. She’s contacting
you of her pregnancy and telling you that you have no legal rights to her or her
child and that she isn’t asking for your support or name. As one of the men she
has had sex with in the past year, she is legally notifying you of her impending
“What?” He took the letter from Damon and read it himself. There had to be
a mistake. Morgan was pregnant? It wasn’t possible. “It’s not mine. I didn’t
ejaculate inside her. This is just a ploy to get money from me. Well she isn’t...”
Nick opened his eyes and looked up at David Tulle. He blinked several times
before the man came into focus.
“What happened? I don’t remember...I was talking in the elevator and I don’t
remember what happened next.”
“I hit you, you fucking asshole. Didn’t ejaculate? Are you fucking nuts?
What, you relied on the pull and pray method much? If you do, then its small
wonder I don’t have fifty bastard nieces and nephews running around.”
Damon had hit him? Because Morgan was pregnant? Was he named in the
letter too? No that couldn’t be right... Still.
“Could you be the father too?” When Damon advanced on him with fury in
his eyes, David pulled him back. Nick knew he wasn’t the baby father any more
than he was. He’d get to the bottom of this right now. He pulled out his cell
phone to call Devin. “Yeah, I need your help. I’ve been named in a paternity suit
and I want my name out of the hat for daddy of the year.”
“Like that’s fucking a possibility,” Damon snarled at him. Devin must have
heard him and laughed at Nick.
“So, who’s the babe in question? Let me guess...Bambi Jenkins? No! Wait,
that vamp from Damon’s office, what’s her name?” Devin asked him.
“It’s Morgan Becky.”
“Nah, that’s not it. Morgan is the woman who used to work for... Holy shit!
You knocked up Morgan? Mom is gonna castrate you. Twice. Shit, really?
Morgan? I thought she had better taste than that.”
“Funny. Yes, it’s Morgan Becky. I was just served by Sugar and... Shit.” He
just remembered where the name came from. Mick Sugar, the bar owner.
“Sugar and Shit? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them. And, believe me, I’d
remember a law firm by that name.”
Nick thought, for not the first time, that his entire family was a bunch of
sarcastic pricks.
“Can you help, or do I need to find a more reputable firm to help me? I’m
not the father. I want her to stop insisting that I am. What can you do?” Nick
rubbed his chest again. Damn it, he’d not had an ulcer flare up in two weeks. Of
course, he wasn’t eating well, but that didn’t matter really.
“You say you’re not the father, then forget about it. Fax me the paperwork
and I’ll see what I can do. We may have to order a paternity test, just to be safe,
but that’s no biggy. Wow, Morgan Becky. Didn’t see that one coming.”
He stayed on the phone with him until Devin received the fax. He wanted to
get this cleared up as soon as possible.
“It’s a form letter telling you that she’s pregnant. I’m going to demand proof
of that now. I’m having Caroline call the doctor. It says here that you are named
as one of the men that had sex with her in the past year. I’m assuming this isn’t
He’d had sex with her, but he hadn’t come. He was really stupid for not
thinking he could still get her pregnant at the time, but he’d been so furious at
her. “Yeah, I had sex with her. Once, and it wasn’t all that great either.” That was
a lie. It had been absolutely heaven being inside of her. But he was not sharing
that with his brother, any of them. And he wasn’t going to tell them how much
he missed her, how much he wanted to find her and to tell her he was an ass.
Well, up until today that is.
“Well, that puts a different slant on things. Let me order the DNA test and
we’ll work from there. I’ll be at Mom’s on Sunday for Mother’s day. I’ll see you

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