Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm not going to be a very good public speaker.

So...I go to the doctor today. And I have with me "Spencer" my third book in the Grant Brothers series. I have to do something for my publisher.

Anyway, I'm filling out the paperwork and I set the book down on the counter. The nurse gets all excited. "Oh my, I just read that book. It was so good. Where are you in it?" Now by this point I'm so embarrassed that I can't breath.

She goes on about she is "so going to get the rest of them. I know that another one comes on this weekend and it's payday." I keep getting redder and redder.

Then she looks down at my paperwork I just handed her. She looks at the paper work, the book, then at me three times.

Then she said "You wrote this? You wrote Spencer? Really?"
(how the hell do I answer that?)

I said Hi. (I'm a writer not a speaker.) I said did you like it?

She said twice more, You wrote this, you wrote Spencer? I sat down.

Sheesh. Ten minutes later three people come into the office and I don't think anything about it and then I hear, "She really did. Look her name is the same."

She told me when I left that she was going to get them and have me come in and sign them. I was so embarrased I said sure.
Yes, I'm a dork...

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  1. You still handled it better than I would have, haha. Congratulations!