Thursday, July 21, 2011

A great review about Devin Grant. Thanks to Vickie Ziemski and Goodreads.

What a FANTASTIC story. I literally couldn't put this one down and I had it read in an entire sitting. This has to be my favorite Grant Brothers book out of the two that have been released so far. Devin is a handsome lawyer with a quick temper, and Ronnie is a beautiful, intelligent, strong-willed law student, moonlighting as a waitress. When they meet, their worlds turn upside down. The connection between them is too strong to deny, though they both attempt it early on.

I really enjoy Barton's female characters, even though the series is written about a family of brothers. The woman in this novel is simply astounding. She came from an outrageously traumatic, broken past, and the details of the abuses she endured turned my stomach at some points. Yet, despite this tragic past and her mistrust of almost everyone but her friends Austin and Ben, she's developed into a fine young woman. She makes her own success by going to law school and working her way through it. She doesn't want to be a burden to anyone. I just truly enjoyed getting to know her, and I hope I see her further on throughout the series. I rooted for her even more than I did Morgan in the first book.

Devin and Ronnie's love is also so amazing--just a fairytale--after the rocky start, of course. Their passion and heat for one another is unmatched. The author has a ....way with words, I'll say... in describing the two of them together.

Great book from start to finish. Outrageous plot twist at the end that had me literally biting my nails. Couldn't put it down, and can't wait for the next Grant Brothers book!(less)

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