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CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE is Now Available To Read 

Morgan was trying to keep her breathing under control, but wasn’t having
much luck. She’d do okay for a few minutes then look down at the handcuffs on
her wrist that were attached to the bed rail and she’d panic. Okay, she thought, I
can do this. But in reality, she knew she couldn’t.
“Look at me. Breathe in and out and look at me.” Nick’s voice, so
unexpected, had her turning toward him.
“What are you doing here? Go away. And I know how to breathe, you
moronic jackass.” When she started to look down at the cuffs again, he put his
finger under her chin so that she could see only him.
“Morgan, have you always been this stubborn, or is it just me? I swear, I’ve
never met a woman more frustrating in my life.”
“It’s you. And you are the king of frustration. Now, get out. You don’t want
to sully yourself with me, remember? You know, for someone who doesn’t want
anything to do with me, you sure insinuate yourself into my business a lot. Get
“Shut up and breathe before you pass out. What do you think you’re doing
confessing to a murder without your lawyer present? Do you want to end up
back in prison, for a lot longer this time?”
She jerked her chin away from him and looked across the room. That’s
exactly what she was trying to do, actually. “You got your test, Dr. Grant, so now
I would appreciate you leaving me alone. I don’t want nor do—”
“Did you know that my brothers are planning to propose to you tomorrow?
Yeah, Damon, Byron, and Spence. Meggie apparently approves of her daddy
marrying you,” he said with a smirk on his face.
Marriage? He had to be lying to her. Why would any of them want to...ah,
the baby. They thought they’d ask her before the results were in so that when
they found out it was a Grant, it could be kept in the family. For some reason,
that hurt more than any of the physical pain she endured the past couple of days.
“I want you to leave me alone. I have a really nice family willing to take it as
soon as it’s delivered. I don’t want anything from any of you. Especially you.
Now, I’m not asking you again to get out.”
The door opened then and the Devin Grant walked in, also the detectives
from earlier tonight.
“Hello, Ms. Becky. Sir, we need for you to step out, please. We need to ask
Ms. Becky some questions. You can wait in the hall.” Detective Carol nodded to
the door.
“No, I don’t think so. I’m staying right here with her. And I’d like for you to
take those cuffs off her. She is extremely upset with them there, and in her
condition, I don’t think she needs any extra stress right now.” Nick crossed his
arms over his chest and raised his eyebrow to nearly his hairline.
That look was very familiar to her. He’d used it often enough when she
didn’t hop when he told her to. She watched in stunned silence as the big
detective reached in his pocket, pulled out the key, and unlocked her cuffs. She
took a much needed breath and glanced at Nick. He looked furious.
“Morgan, these men said that you confessed to the murder of Alex Denty.
Could you please tell them how you killed him? It’s important that you give
them as much detail as possible.”
Morgan looked at Devin and realized the gig was up. He knew she didn’t do
“Ms. Becky, we found some of your, hummm...some of your personal items
at his house. There were several pair of your panties and a book,” Detective
Brownville said.
The detective had been so gentle with her earlier that she had broken down
in tears when he told her he didn’t believe her capable of killing a man Denty’s
size. He’d patted her hand and said the stupidest things to her while she sobbed.
“How do you know they were her panties? They could have been anyone’s.
And as for the book? Why, I probably have several hundred in my apartment
right now,” Nick said heatedly.
“They had her name in them and an ID number. They’d been scorched, the
panties anyway. The book had been mutilated, but still readable.”
“They were white?” At his nod, she continued. She knew where he’d gotten
them. “I’d only been out of prison for a few days when my things were torched
at the halfway house on Brendan. I think the police were called during an
altercation. I was taken to the hospital with Dr. Grant. My things... I’d had a fight
with one of the people there and she, Big Martha, claimed she was going to get
me and got to my things first. I was approached by Denty in the hallway here.
He...he told me that he’d like to...he wanted me to perform oral sex on him. I
refused. He...he grabbed me when I came out of the bathroom a few minutes
later and hit me. I must have fallen or something. The next time I woke up, I was
being treated for injuries I didn’t have before.” She looked down at her hands.
There were bruises forming on her wrist from her fighting with the cuffs.
“You and Dr. Grant, you were seeing each other? That why he came to the...”
the detective started.
“I’m not seeing Dr. Grant. None of the Grants. I...I don’t know why he was
there at the halfway house. Stupid schmuck almost got himself seriously hurt. It
ended up that he...he, ah, got in the way of my foot and I took him down. He was
waiting for me to come out and talk with him when Big Martha attacked him,”
she said hastily.
“I see. Then what happened? Why did you kill him? I understand that he
accosting you in the ER was bad, but why did you wait five months to murder
him?” Detective Brownville asked.
She didn’t look at anyone in the room for several long, tense seconds. For as
much as she wanted to be guilty of this, she knew she couldn’t lie.
“On Saturday evening, I was leaving my place to deliver some work site
proofs to another client. I do web site creations for clients who want to expand
their...never mind. Denty was waiting outside the building behind Mick’s. I...he
was in his cruiser, just sitting there. Him and another man I didn’t know. I’d like
for Dr. and Mr. Grant to leave, please. I don’t think... They don’t need to know
what I did.” She had been stupid when she hadn’t reported him the first time
she’d been attacked.
“We aren’t going anywhere, Morgan. Finish the story. What happened
next?” Nick sat down on her bed as he talked to her and took her hand in his. She
looked down at them and didn’t look up as she spoke.
“He and the man got out of the cruiser and approached me. I didn’t say
anything to either of them, but tried to go on my way. I don’t move as well as I
did before and Denty trapped me hard against the wall. He...please go away,”
she begged Nick softly.
“Go on, Morgan. He what?” Nick said.
“He groped me and pinched my breasts. I’ve learned not to fight him. It just
seems excite him more.” She looked up at Nickolas to see how appalled he
was at her behavior. She looked away quickly at the anger she saw there. Well,
why wouldn’t he be? she thought. She wasn’t anything more than a slut to him.
“He told me that he was going to make me take him in my mouth that I was
going to give him the best blow job I had ever given. The other man came up
behind him and started to grope Denty from behind. When Denty switched me
around so that the other man could come up behind me, I slammed my knee
hard up into Denty’s groin. When he doubled over, I grabbed his gun out of his
belt and jerked away from both men.”
Morgan lay back against the pillows behind her and looked at the couch
again, seeing nothing but the scene reenact itself in her vision.
“Denty smelled of beer and sweat; the other man smelled of cigarettes and
bourbon. I screamed at them to stay away, but as I took a step back to get away, I
stumbled and nearly fell. The gun dropped from my hand and they attacked as
one. I don’t know how long they beat on me. I just curled myself into a ball to
protect my belly. When I woke up, it was dark. Someone came along not too
much longer. The rest you know.”
Morgan pulled the sheet up over her shoulders and never looked up. She
waited for them to say something, anything.
“Can you describe the man? I can have a sketch artist come in and have you
work with him,” Detective Brownville said gently.
“Would you like his picture? I took it with the cell phone that fell out of his
pocket. I just kept pushing the little silver button on it. They didn’t know I had it
or I’m sure they would have taken it. I had it hidden and took them while I was
on the ground. I don’t know if they’re any good. I don’t... I’ve never had one
before, so it could be for nothing.” No one said anything so she turned around
and looked at Devin and the other two men. They were all staring at each other
oddly. “Or not. I don’t care if you take them or not. Besides, I’m sure the battery
is dead by now.”
“Where is it? The phone, where is it?” Detective Carol snapped at her. She
flushed with embarrassment.
“Look, detective, she’s cooperating. The least you can do is be polite. In fact, I
demand that you be polite, or I pull the plug right now, and see where that gets
you,” Devin told the man.
“Are you threatening me? Because I don’t take well to being threatened by
anyone. Especially a two-bit lawyer that is—”
Morgan limped between the two arguing men and went to the little cabinet
that held personal things for patients. She dug around until she found her pink
bag and hauled it back to the bed. When Nick started to protest about something,
she just glared at him and continued her search.
“Ms. Becky, please just tell me where it’s at in there and I’ll get it out.We
would like to keep the fingerprints down to a minimum, all right? I have an
evidence bag here that I’ll put it in.” Oh, she thought as Detective Brownville
explained what he needed. Of course, fingerprints.
Morgan stepped back from her bag when she’d located the phone and let
him retrieve it for himself. She could see her blood on it, along the front of the
screen and on the silver button too.
“I didn’t think to turn it off. To be honest, I never thought about it again until
just now.”
“You want to tell me now why you claimed you killed Denty, Ms. Becky?”
Detective Brownville asked her while he sealed the little baggie. He was writing
on it while she gathered up her things and her answer. No one was going to like
what she said, she thought, and just blurted it out.
“I’d like to go back to prison as soon as this is born. I liked it there. I didn’t...
I fit in; it was safe and uncomplicated.”

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The Limo that Keith Golden was riding in was in a horrific accident rolling down an embankment. He was trapped and felt his life slipping away until a vision of an angel clouded his view.
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