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CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR is Now Available To Read 

“Come on, honey. You’ll be all right. That man say something to you? I’ll
have one of them orderlies run him right outta the hospital. Bastard. Men, who
the hell needs’em? Come on now, you’re gonna throw up if you don’t calm
Morgan just wanted everyone to go away. She body ached in ways and
places she’d never realized, and her heart hurt in way she didn’t realize it could.
Damon had told her he’d be in to talk to her later tonight. Give her her options.
Options. She didn’t have a clue what sort of options he thought she might have,
but she nodded to him anyway.
Nickolas still didn’t believe her. Not that she really thought he would. Why
should he? She’d tried to trap him, hadn’t she?
When Damon had told her that Nicky was going to be a witness to the
procedure, she wanted to shout at him, “No!” but Nickolas needed this for some
sort of closure, and she wanted...she wanted to thumb her nose at him. He’d hurt
Morgan realized two weeks ago that she was letting him hurt her, and she
resolved to do something about it. It was then that she realized that she loved
him, despite all that had happened. Her foolish heart had decided that he was
what it wanted and that was all there was to it.
When she pulled her hand to her cheek for the comfort, she realized she
didn’t have her sleeper. She felt around under the sheet looking for it and
couldn’t feel the soft terry cloth anywhere. She’d had it last in the examining
room down in x-ray. She needed her sleeper.
“I had a blue thing, a sleeper. Can you help me find it? I had it downstairs.”
The other nurses had left, but Shannon has stayed.
Morgan liked her. She was the kindest person she’d met in the hospital. Not
that everyone else hadn’t been great to her, but Shannon had been friendly and
nice to her.
“I’ll call down and see if you left it on the bed. You’ll need to get another one
of those, won’t you?” Shannon walked out of the room and left Morgan
wondering what she meant.
“Nicky, it’s Byron. I’d like to know if you can meet me for dinner. I have
something I’d like to discuss with you. It’s important.”
Nick didn’t want to meet him or anyone. He wanted to go back to the
hospital and sit with Morgan. But the staff had said she was having a really bad
night and they’d had to give her something to relax. She was sleeping. He had
actually thought he’d have a better chance of talking to her relaxed and half
comatose, but he didn’t think they’d agree.
“Yeah, okay. But a bar. I want a drink with dinner. Oh, and Damon is with
me, is that okay?” Damon had been with him most of the early evening. Damon
still wasn’t speaking to him, but he’d been tagging along all the same.
“Yeah, sure. The more the merrier. Have you seen Morgan? I mean tonight.
Have you been in to see her tonight?”
“No, I went by her room and the nurse said she was sleeping. Said she’d had
a bad afternoon and had to sedate her.” Nick had wondered about that too. Was
it because it was less than twenty-four hours until truth time, or was there
something else? She looked like she could use a good meal and several days of
uninterrupted sleep.
“All right, I’ll see you at that place on Tenth?”
Byron had just ringed off when his cell rang again. It was Spencer. “Hey,
Spence. What’s going on?” It was really late for him to be calling, at nine-thirty.
He and Meggie were usually sound asleep.
“Meggie and I are in town for the night. We came in to see Morgan, but she’s
asleep. Meggie wants to know if you’ll take her to dinner. She said you owe her.”
Nick smiled. Sure, Meggie wanted to have dinner with him.
“I was just going over to Bergen’s with Damon and Byron. If she doesn’t
mind her other uncles coming along, I’ll pay up there.” He waited for him to
relay the message to her and could hear her clapping her hands. It sounded like
she was happy with the idea.
“Yeah, we’ll meet you there. I wanna talk to you about something too.”
This time, he made it all the way in the car before his phone went off again.
His Mom. As Damon was driving, Nick put the phone to his ear to put on his
seatbelt as he answered. “Hi, Mom. Everything okay?” Again, another early riser
up past ten o’clock. He wondered if Dan was with her.
“Hello, Nicky. I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me tonight?
I don’t want to eat by myself. Also, I want to talk to you about something. It’s
really important.” Her and everyone else, it seemed.
“Yeah, we’re all going to go to Bergen’s. You want to meet us there?” He was
sure that nothing any of them had to talk to him about was going to bode well
for him.
“Us? Who’s with you now? Oh, my, here’s Jamie and Devin. We’ll all meet
you there. If you hear from Dan, tell him to come there.” And she hung up.
Great, he thought. All the gang was here now. Now he wished he’d driven
his own car. Then if they made him too mad, he could just leave. Riding with
Damon made for a less than graceful exit.
By ten-thirty, they were all seated in a huge private dining area. In addition
to his brothers and Meggie were his mom, Dan, Jacob and James. It was almost
eleven-thirty by the time they ordered and had their salads.
“This is very nice. I’m very glad you all are here in town tonight. Did anyone
get to see Morgan earlier tonight?” His mother beamed around the table.
“Yeah, about that. How many of you are planning to be there tomorrow
when the results come in?” Devin asked the room after the waitress left.
Everyone in the room, including the children, raised their hands.
“Okay, let me rephrase that. How many adults are going to be there
tomorrow? My office isn’t big enough to house a brigade.”
“Deal with it, young man. We all want to be there for Nicky. When will
Morgan get the results, before or after?” His mother asked. “I’m assuming she
won’t be traveling to your office.”
Nick hadn’t thought of that. She was on bed rest until Tuesday morning.
Then, he’d meant to ask Damon about her results of the examination, but had
gotten side tracked by all the phone calls.
Nick saw Devin glance quickly at Damon. “What is it? What’s going on with
Morgan?” Nick asked sharply. He knew it was a little too sharp when Jacob
backed up in his chair.
“She won’t be getting the results. Mrs. Sugar is going to be there to answer
any questions, but Morgan is... Morgan doesn’t get the results. She doesn’t want
them,” Devin said.
“What do you mean, she doesn’t want them? How will she know..?” Because
she already knows, he thought. She’d known all along who the father of her baby
was. This had all been a...trick of some sort, a slick, sick trick. “Christ.” Nick
stood up. He suddenly needed to talk to her. He didn’t have any clue what he
was going to say, but he wanted to talk to her. He wished he’d never met her.
No, that wasn’t true. He wished he’d of done things differently, but he was very
glad he’d met her. Very glad.
“Nick, I’m going to ask Morgan to marry me. Tomorrow, before the results
are read,” Byron said. He pulled a jeweler’s box from his jacket pocket and set it
on the table in front of his salad plate.
Nick was suddenly weak in the knees. It was a good thing he’d not stepped
away from the table, he thought, or he’d be on his ass on the floor.
“Really? Not if I ask her first,” Spencer said as he, too, pulled a blue box out
of his pocket.Tiffany’s. Shit and double shit. “I talked it over with Meggie, and she
said she really liked Morgan. I think we could get along well enough.” He pulled
his daughter up in his lap as he spoke and smiled at her.
Damon didn’t say a word, but put his baby blue box on the table, as well.
Three brothers, three rings.
Damn it. They were not going to marry her. It wasn’t their baby, and he had
to do something to stop them from making the biggest mistake of their lives. He
stood again and was just ready to blast them all to hell and back when Devin’s
phone shrilled in the silence.
Nick watched as he pulled out an electronic planner and started making
notes with a stylist. Every once in a while, he would say something Nick couldn’t
understand and make more notes. “Yeah, he’s here. Yeah, I’ll bring him with
Morgan. Something to do with Morgan. He would bet his last commission
check on it.
“I’m sorry, I have to leave. Hummm, Damon, I need you to come too. There’s
a problem and you’re needed as well. Shannon said to tell you to turn your
flippin’ phone on.”
“Shit. I forgot. What is it?” He pulled out his phone and because Nick was
sitting next to him, could see that he had twenty-three missed calls.
“Morgan’s just confessed to the murder of Alex Denty. They want to transfer
her downtown for questioning. Libby Sugar can’t represent her because of a
prior commit with Denty’s family. So she’s asked me to step in. I’ll meet you all
back in my office first thing in the morning.” As one, his family stood up and
began pulling on jackets and picking up stray items off the table. Jacob began
pulling on Meggie’s sweater and picking up her crayons.
“I’m going with you,” Nick told his brother.
“Well, of course she didn’t,” Margaret told the room in general. “She’s just
confused. We’re all going to support her. Come along, we have to hurry. No
telling what that child will tell them next.”
He had to grin at his mother. She’d said just what he was thinking.

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