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Morgan heard the door click shut and her heart did too She rolled over onto
her back and looked up at the ceiling. There wasn’t anything going through her
head other than the need to be gone. He’d said to be gone when he came out. She
heard the shower turn on as she reached for her pants. When she had them up to
her hips, she found her shirt and pulled it on too. Standing up, she didn’t even
feel the pain in her foot, didn’t feel the stitches rip or the blood start to pour from
the now open wound. She felt nothing, wouldn’t allow herself to feel, not yet, not
Morgan made her way down to the kitchen. She knew there was a phone
there. She wasn’t up to trying to find another one. She stood there for several
seconds trying to think. She didn’t know where she was, didn’t know whose
house it was, nothing. She picked up the receiver and dialed one of the only two
numbers she knew.
“This had better be fucking important to be calling me at midnight,” he
snarled as a way of answering.
Morgan almost hung up. Almost, but she had no other choices.
“Mr. Sugar, its Morgan. Morgan Becky. I don’t...he said to be gone. I...I don’t
know where I am. I have to be gone, you see, and I...could you come and get
me?” She started sobbing then and felt stupid and humiliated at the same time.
“I’m sorry, forget it. I can...I can find my way. I’m sorry to have bothered you.”
She was sure he was speaking, but hung up anyway.
Morgan quietly opened the back door and slipped out into the night. When
she got to the end of the drive, she looked for a mailbox and found the house
number. She didn’t know what good it would do her. She didn’t have a phone
and she still didn’t know the street. She began walking toward what she hoped
was town.
She didn’t know how long she’d been walking when she heard the car. She
ignored it just like she’d been trying to ignore the pain in her foot. But when she
heard her name, she slowly turned around and tried to focus on the person.
Dizziness hit her hard and she nearly fell over, would have if the person hadn’t
caught her.
“Christ, Morgan, why the fuck didn’t you wait for me? I said I was coming.
I’ve been—Jesus, you’re bleeding, your foot...” Suddenly, she was being picked
up. Mick. It was Mick.
“I don’t feel so good. Could you please put me down? I have to throw up
again.” He either didn’t hear her or didn’t listen because he was still carrying
her. “Please.”
Mick set her down. Not on the ground where she would have preferred, but
in a truck seat. A big truck, actually. And then her head was being forced
between her knees.
“Just breathe, in and out, all right? What the hell happened back there that
you had to leave in the middle of the night? I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch.
Tell me what happened so I can tell the police why I killed him.”
“I just wanna go. I don’t have anywhere to go, Mr. Sugar.” And she started
crying again.
“I’ll take you home. My wife will kill me if I let you go anywhere else. Come
on, sweetie, get inside now.” He helped her inside and buckled her belt across
Nick had thought that she was trying to trap him. She wasn’t as stupid as he
thought she was. She knew what he was talking about. That’s why...that’s why
he didn’t finish. baby. He didn’t want her to claim...he thought she’d
tried it on Randall, the man who sold her, who raped her.
Mr. Sugar took her to his house and carried her into his house where a lovely
little woman was waiting for them. She had gotten one of their spare bedrooms,
one of their son’s, she’d said, ready, and he took her in and put her on the bed.
There were bandages and clean water already there. But she was too exhausted
and as soon as he laid her down, she closed her eyes and went to sleep. Her
screaming woke them all up about two hours later. The nightmare was gripping
her again.

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Galin knows it’s his turn and he isn’t having any part of it. He makes no bones about making it clear to Boss either that he both knows what he is up to and isn’t going to cooperate. He doesn’t now or ever want a wife.
“This boy you are going to protect is somewhat of a problem child. He has had a great deal thrown at him, but—”
“Boy?” Boss nodded and frowned. “No, I’m sorry, but it should be a woman, not a boy. I’m not…you’re going to assign me my wife to care for. I don’t want one, but I know it should be female. What is this about?” He pushed the file back at Michael.
“You want a wife? It was my understanding that you have no wish to be wed. Am I correct on that?” Galin nodded and looked at the file with the picture of a young boy on it. He appeared to be in his early teen’s maybe, but he wasn’t much older than that. “Galin? Do you wish for me to reassign you? Do you have no desire to help this young man?”
“I thought I was going into the rotation to find me a wife. The way that you did for Riss and Agon.” He looked up at Boss and Michael, who had summoned him today. “I had thought that the Mystic’s were a way for you to get rid of us all, and marrying us off was better than having us die. I’m…I’m not sure what’s going on now.”
Dusty McGee has just lost her sister to horrific accident and finds herself saddled with a very angry young nephew to raise. Now, some self-proclaimed protector, Galin, tells her that although he doesn’t want to marry her he would very much like to take her to his bed. She’s had about all that she can stand.
Markum has set his sights on taking the boy to his realm, convinced this is the alleged boy the demons have been searching for, and Dusty is an added bonus…

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Jack fainted, her vision blurring and her body spent she thought of the man she’d just had the most incredible sex she’d ever had with. Christ, she didn’t even ask him for a condom.
Luke was afraid to move. He really wasn’t even sure he could. Lifting his head he looked down at Jacklyn. She was even more beautiful now that she was all mussed and swollen from him. He kissed her lip gently where a drop of blood was and knew that it was his. She’d bitten him. Not only had she bitten him she’d claimed him as well. Luke felt as if he’d been given the best gift in the world. Now all he had to do was tell her what she’d done by making love with him.

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