Sunday, February 17, 2013

Myles Kramer was once a good cop and a great man. A mishap in the line of duty changed his life forever. Now forever is all he has to look forward to—as a vampire.

No longer human—with eternity stretched out before him—he is bored. Stupidly so. Myles fears that if he doesn't get over this melancholy soon he is going to be spending the next few decades inviting excitement.

Christina Collier happens to be his excitement. Christina is looking for a stepsister she doesn't much care for when she meets Myles.

Myles helps her out of a bloody situation, but when it’s all over he doesn't want to let the sassy woman go.

Then an evil being, so evil that the word was invented just for him, decides he wants a piece of her too.

With the help of Austin and the other Force family including Myles’ maker Phil, Christina and Myles decide to take him on. But will it be enough? This being is like nothing they've ever encountered before. They soon discover it will take a force of men, a force of many, and a force of nature.

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