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Charlotte Blackwell and Embrace series

Live Chat: Interview with Promising YA Paranormal Romance author Charlotte Blackwell of the "Embrace series"

 Ok, here we go!

Book & Movie Blogger : Glad to have you here today at Book & Movie Dimension. You have some books available. Let's talk about what's in store for you as an author and your books.

Charlotte: Great, thank you.
Immortal Embrace is now released and Forbidden Embrace is coming next month

Book & Movie Blogger : So about your books. Tell us a little about them. What are they all about?
                                                                                                                                      Charlotte Blackwell
                                                                                                                                               (The Author)                                                                                                                  
Charlotte: The Embrace series is about a young vampire who discovers herself, friendship, love and the meaning of family. Sophia suffered when she lost her brother and never thought she would be able to love others again. Thanks to a new and annoying vampire sister, Sophia if forced to return to high school, where she learns to love again.

Book & Movie Blogger : Ah, annoying sisters. That's vaguely familiar to me and I bet to other people out there. LoL. Now, is there an element that will set your series apart from other paranormal romances out there?

Charlotte: I`m sure that readers will see similarities, but throughout the Embrace series various supernaturals, some will work together and some against. There is a lot of magic and some pretty big surprises, but the biggest thing is the characters experience all the things teens today do. They face all the same tempations and issues and hopefully learn from their mistakes.

Book & Movie Blogger : Wow, that's something from the difference in other paranormal books. It's important for teens to connect with a series while feeling that it is similar in some way to them. For your series you have Embrace out already. Awesome! Forbidden Embrace out soon too but how many books are we talking about? It's always fun to know.

Charlotte: I have signed a three book deal with World Castle Publications for the Embrace series, but it doesn`t end there. I plan to continuing this series for a while and have already begun planing book four. I am hopeful that my publisher will continue to take on the series so the entire story can be told. I feel it gets more exciting as the series continues and I love each story more than the last as I suspect readers will too.

Book & Movie Blogger: Really, that's really fantastic. Love a  long series because it's truly sad when they end.  I've heard your even planning a companion novel, aha, that should be good too.

Charlotte: Yeah the companion will be a ways away though. I thought it would be great to have the Book of Shadows that the witches in the series use. This will include info on all the characters that we have met and some we haven`t yet as well as all the spells and potions the witches use. The fun thing is most of these are real spells and such taken from the Wiccan religion. So it will resemble a true book of shadows.

Book & Movie Blogger : Wiccans love those, since seeing Charmed. So for the Embrace series what was the behind the scene's inspiration. Any real-life models of your life, Charlotte or no?

Charlotte: My daughter inspired me a ton for this series. We have a great relationship and talk about everything, I wanted to write something that teens like her would enjoy and open the door for communication with there parents. The Embrace characters really do go through the same issues as teens face today and this is a way for readers to see and understand that they aren`t the only ones experiencing these feelings and concerns. I hope that once teens and parents read it they can discuss these issues without the fear or embarrassment that they would normally feel.

Book & Movie Blogger : Ah, that's really inspirational. Thanks for helping those teens out there. I'm sure they appreciate it. Thanks to your daughter too! On writing do you have any author influences? If so could you share?

Charlotte: Well my favorite author and good friend Kathi Barton inspires me like mad. She writes adult romance and does this in between a full time job and family. Kathi is passionate about writing and life in general, I only hope I can be as good as her on day. I also find inspiration from fellow Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, we both write paranormal romance, she does both adult and teen novels and incorporates her series into one another. She also touches on many subjects that apply to teens today and does it in a non lecturing manner. I hope I have achieved the same.

Book & Movie Blogger : That's really good to hear when friends can inspire one another. Kelley Armstrong, ohh, she's one of my favorite authors of the paranormal. Charlotte learned a lot and hope readers did too. Your series sounds very promising, Charlotte! Hope I get to read after getting over all the pile of books coming out, lately. Well you have read it here. Embrace is a paranormal fantasy series that looks like a read you should definitely take a shot at reading. I was first taken in by the beautiful covers. Let's face it, nowadays, we judge by the cover. Usually attractive covers are turning out to not be a let down. So go and definitely try Immortal Embrace when you've the chance. 

Charlotte: Thank you so much, Cassandra,  I hope you and you readers enjoy the Embrace series and always love hearing back from the readers.

Book & Movie Blogger : Thanks Charlotte(smiles softly)!

Charlotte: My pleasure :)

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